So long, man buns!

Brooklyn Beckham has trendsetters for parents, so it won't be surprising if his latest hairstyle sparks legions of copycats.

The 16-year-old sported a typically female hairstyle on his Instagram Jan. 27, in a black and white shot showcasing his famous mane. The surprising addition to his locks? A braid!

If the stylish teenager's photo is any indication, 2016 could be the year of the man braid.

Brooklyn isn't the first guy to rock the man braid. The style is gaining popularity quick. A search on Youtube yields plenty of tutorials on how to create the new male hair look, and a fellow hunky Brit has already rocked the 'do. Back in October 2014, Harry Styles donned man braids in a photo on his hair stylist Lou Teasdale's Instagram.

Ladies and gentleman, my male grooming skillz 👊

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Perhaps the two traded man braid tips when they played soccer together alongside Brookyn's dad David Beckham back in October?

No matter the inspiration, men should probably take note and start growing out their hair. Brooklyn's latest look is likely here to stay!