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During a recent visit to see his uncle in Florida, Bryan Cranston got to see a lot more than he bargained for.

His 87-year-old Uncle Bob is a nudist, and the people who live in the Tampa-area retirement community are all nudists, too.

The "Breaking Bad" actor described his visit to the birthday suit-friendly community to Seth Meyers, saying the clothing-free people are "very nice, very friendly people."

He even shared a picture of his naked uncle sleeping outside in a chair.

"You don't have to be naked but if you like that sort of lifestyle they welcome that," he said.

In detailing his conversation with his naked uncle, he said, "I was in a low slung chair as we were looking out over the lake. It's very pretty, and my uncle was at my side. He kept having to turn his head to look at me."

Bob was in a wheelchair, so he moved it around to face his nephew so he would no longer have to keep turning his neck.

"Of course," Bryan said, "that's not always the best position for me to be in, directly facing my naked uncle."

To make matters more uncomfortable, he said Uncle Bob kept inviting his fellow neighborhood nudists to come over and meet Bryan. Bryan then impersonated the cloth-less people and his awkward I-can't-look meeting to Seth.

Bryan is currently starring in "The Infiltrator," where he plays a federal agent Robert Mazur, the real life special agent who went undercover to infiltrate the trafficking network of Colombian drug kingpin Pablo Escobar.

Robert, Bryan said on Twitter, has become a friend.

"He hides in plain sight because he arrested so many people and they'd love to get back at him," Bryan said. "He has to be very careful. Sometimes we're in the same room and I can't point him out or tell people anything, but he's there."