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This is your captain speaking! Caitlyn Jenner has been flying the friendly skies, aiming to get her commercial pilot's license.

The former "I Am Cait" star was photographed flying a single-engine propeller plane over the weekend.

X17 (who has photos of her in the plane) said Caitlyn flew her plane out of Camarillo, Calif., to Lake Tahoe and back, logging six hours towards her certification. She flew the plane solo, meaning she has logged enough hours to man the plan without an instructor at this point.

In the photos, Caitlyn, whose reality show was recently canceled, wore glasses and an off-the-shoulder top.

In April it was first reported that the transgender star was trying to get her pilot's license and had talked to John Travolta about her desire to fly (John is an accomplished pilot).

"They have been hanging out quite a bit and John has been flying with Caitlyn," a source told Radar Online at the time. "Caitlyn wants to buy a plane and John has been helping her with this latest mission showing and teaching her the ropes."

The source continued, "They have flown a few times. John is giving her advice on what the best planes are and how to handle turbulence. Caitlyn has to have a certain amount of hours to get the pilot license, so she is putting in hours with John. John is a master pilot, so Caitlyn lucked out with that."

Apparently John and Caitlyn have been friends for a long time, Radar said, claiming John met her in the '70s while she was living as Bruce Jenner.

"They just recently got back in touch because she wants to learn to fly, so they became friends again," the source said. "It's interesting because it's sort of like anything goes with the Jenners and anything goes with the Travoltas. It's kind of an odd friendship."