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Mother-daughter bonding at its best. Joey Feek, the cancer-stricken singer, is living up in her final days and playing with her little girl.

"It's 60 and sunny outside today and even brighter inside," Rory Feek wrote, alongside a snap posted to Facebook of his wife smiling and playing with their 21-month-old daughter, Indiana. "Joey's out of bed teaching signs to Indy on the floor."

At this point, even the smallest things mean everything, considering it's not known how long Joey has left to live as she fights terminal stage IV cervical cancer.

In October, the couple announced on their blog that Joey was going to stop her cancer treatments and enter hospice care. By continuing to be alive, she's already defied the odds. Rory, one half of the husband and wife country duo Joey+Rory, has been constantly keeping fans updated on his wife's condition on both Facebook and on their blog, thisliveilive.com

In November, Rory said that Joey was "at peace" with her impending death, as was he.

"Hospice is arranged and a hospital bed will be delivered later this morning," he wrote. "We'll have a play area on the carpet nearby -- close enough for her to watch Indy play, and for Indy to turn and make sure her mama can see her. Joey is at peace with where she is and where she's going. So am I."

To see Joey playing with Indy is heartwarming.

In his last blog post, Rory wrote about what's likely his last Christmas with his wife. "Joey's still feeling pretty good. Really good actually," he wrote on the blog on Dec. 4. "We've been able to keep her pain under control for the most part and her spirit is just as positive as ever. Even more so here lately. We moved Joey and us to a bigger house here this past Sunday. Indy and I had been living out of a suitcase and needed a little more room and this place has a big picture window in the bedroom so Joey can look out and see white geese and black swans swimming in the pond and deer walking down the path. It's amazing."

The couple's community, too, has rallied around Joey.

"We have a Christmas tree and some decorations up and thanks to the nice folks at Pizza King, it's starting to feel like Christmas," Rory said of the local restaurant. "And not just any Christmas -- a very special Christmas -- one that we'll never forget."

At this point, every day that Joey has is a bonus. Aside from Joey's happy playtime with Indy, the couple had something else to celebrate this week, too: they got a Grammy nomination for their single, "If I Need You," in the category for Best Country Duo/Group Performance category.

"Woke my bride up this morning with a baby in my arms and the news that our version of 'If I Needed You' was nominated for a Grammy," Rory wrote on Facebook. "As her excitement and tears flowed into mine. She said, 'How can that be?' The song received no radio airplay...no press... no critical acclaim... and the only music video we made for it was to celebrate the day our little Indiana was born."