What do you get when you combine politics and popular culture?

Wonderwall.com is calling it "popitics" and breaking down the most recent political news with an entertainment edge.

On May 3, 2016, Ted Cruz dropped out of the Republican presidential race after losing out to Donald Trump in Indiana. And now, John Kasich has quit the race -- which means Donald Trump is on his way to securing the GOP nomination for President.

Let's take a look at how celebrities and television personalities reacted to the news of Ted's announcement on May 3.

Comedian Samantha Bee did not let him off easy.

And Producer Judd Apatow weighed in on Twitter with his thoughts on both Cruz and Trump.

Actress Tiya Sircar also wasn't amused with Trump's victory.

Lena Headey from "Game of Thrones" shared the sentiment and more of her own strong feelings.

Meanwhile, actor Sean Patrick Thomas has his popcorn ready to watch Hillary Clinton take Donald on.

It's becoming increasingly difficult to not lose sight of the political issues in the midst of all of the theatrics of this election season. Thankfully, TV news personalities Larry King and Katie Couric broke down what Ted Cruz's decision really means and what we should expect for November.

Is this really going to be the "craziest election ever?" If you look on Twitter, it would seem so.


If you go on Twitter right now, you'll see that #DropOutHillary and #DropOutBernie are trending topics. At this exact moment, #DropOutHillary is at 176,000 tweets while #DropOutBernie is at 16,700.

Will one of these Democrats really drop out?

Perhaps the tweets are all just wishful thinking after Ted dropped out last night, but there's no denying that the social media platform is full of passionate voters who are voicing their opinions.

#DropOutHillary became a gender debate. One Twitter user wrote, "#DropOutHillary not about gender. About integrity. Would love 2 have a woman in highest office, but I want one with integrity #BernieOrBust."

As for #DropOutBernie, these tweets were more about the math. "#DropOutBernie It's mathematically impossible for Bernie to win with pledged delegates," one tweet reads.

Based on the trend, is Twitter a reflection of Bernie's social media power or do more people really want Hillary to drop out?

While the debate goes on and has been going on all day on Twitter, the energy after last Tuesday shows that the race has really kicked off now.

Both Hillary and Bernie are fighting against Donald today rather than each other.

And, of course, Donald Trump's fighting right back.

Donald wants the election to be between him and Hillary, but according to RealClearPolitics, if that's the case he'll likely lose.

They have an estimate of Hillary at 47.3 and Donald at 40.8 in the polls, but it's still too soon to tell.

Stay tuned for more "popitics!"