Anybody can do 22 push ups and move on with their day. Charlie Hunnam is not anybody.

The "Sons of Anarchy" star has jumped aboard the 22 push-up challenge that has taken over social media feeds. But, the actor is not stopping.

He's now done the 22 push-up challenge for nine days straight with his pal Dominic de Vore.

The actor doesn't have an Instagram page, so his buddy has been uploading Charlie's daily routine.

"To all the veterans of America and the UK and all around the world, stay strong my brothers and sisters, much love," he said after his first day of push ups.

He plans on doing 22 push ups for 22 days.

Over the last several weeks, participants have been completing 22 push ups to symbolize and raise awareness for the number of veterans who commit suicide every day. It's been dubbed the 22 Push-Up Challenge and it was launched by #22Kill.

One of the first celebrities to do the challenge was Chris Pratt, who also commissioned his wife Anna Faris to complete the 22 push ups with him. Since, it has spread like wildfire.

Much like the 2014 Ice Bucket Challenge, participants are then challenging other people (Charlie has been challenging friends every day). In the "Jurassic World" star's case, he challenged John Krasinski, Scott Eastwood and Dwayne Johnson. Dwayne went on to call Chris "one of the greatest dudes around."

The Rock did his and challenged his pal Kevin Hart, who actually did the challenge (shirtless, mind you) while on his honeymoon in St. Barths.

Ludacris, who was also challenged by Scott, actually did his on stage during a concert.

#22Kill is reportedly hoping to reach 22 million documented push-ups in order to raise awareness for veteran suicide prevention. If Charlie goes all 22 days -- and all indications are that he will -- he will account for 484 push ups himself.