This kind of stuff just doesn't happen to normal people!

Since the world is topsy turvy place and Rihanna is a hugely successful star — it was only a matter of time before her ex Chris Brown's daughter, Royalty, was going to hear some of her chart-topping jams. But funnily enough, Chris probably didn't think his lil' angel was going to be busting a move to Bad Gal Riri's song "Work" at her second birthday party -- but that's precisely what happened. And we can't stop laughing about it!

The video shows the about-to-be 2-year-old (her actual birthday is on May 27) dancing around her backyard in a polka -dot bathing suit with "Sesame Street" character Elmo (who has some pretty sweet moves himself). The wee one seems to be having a blast as Rihanna's hit song plays -- and Chris must have been going crazy at the sight of it! We can just picture the hot-tempered singer, wearing some type of Sesame Street ensemble complete with a party hat, and as soon as he hears the song busting through the children's party, yelling "NOOOOO!!!!!"

Please don't stop the music -- unless it's a Rihanna song!

Luckily for all, the pugnacious felon, who famously beat up then-Rihanna before the Grammys in 2009, stayed calm and didn't throw any Frozen-themed chairs at the party. Instead of changing the song, the 27-year-old let his daughter enjoy the music.

He later posted the adorable video on Instagram with the caption, "ELMO TRIPPING wit the song selection. NO SHADE. Where's the Chris BROWN MUSIC. LOL." Most likely in response to some criticism, the music man quickly took down the video. But since he posted it on the Internet and the Internet is forever -- we're still able to watch the too-cute snippet.

For those of you need a refresher, Rihanna and Chris began dating in 2008 and broke up after the headline-making assault. The pair took much criticism after they reconciled in 2013, but were only together a few months before breaking up yet again.

In November 2015, the "Umbrella" singer told Vanity Fair that despite everything he still meant something to her. "I don't hate him. I will care about him until the day I die. We're not friends, but it's not like we're enemies. We don't have much of a relationship now," said Rihanna.

While the hit-maker may care about him forever-ever, Chris' comment on the post makes it seem as though there are still some hard feelings on his side (even though we think he should be begging for Riri's forgiveness until the end of time).

The doting dad might not be a big fan of his ex's -- but clearly his daughter is! And who could blame her -- that song is really catchy. Children and animals love it so!

BTW: If you haven't seen the video of that tiny pig twerking to the "Work" you haven't lived! Here you go … YOU ARE WELCOME!