One of Hollywood's hottest couples has taken India by storm and has been documenting their enviable adventures on social media.

Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky, who celebrated their five-year wedding anniversary in December, showed off their adventurous side in a photo of themselves on the back of a motorcycle.

"Tranqui mi amor Se lo que me hago! Relax love, this won't hurt a bit! 👊🙈 #India #adventure#royalenfield #love #fun #motos@chrishemsworth @jesuscallejatv" Elsa captioned the photo posted on Instagram on Feb. 11.

In the pic, the 39-year-old model donned casual grey jeans with holes, a light grey tank top, funky sneakers and Aviator-style sunglasses. Her actor hubby sits behind her on the impressive bike holding her tight while wearing black shorts, a grey tank top, sneakers and matching sunglasses.

In the background, television host and adventurer Jesus Calleja is seen standing with one hand on his hip and the other holding onto a moped.

Chris and Elsa have visited India to take part in the Spanish adventure series "Planeta Calleja." The couple are set to climb a previously unexplored 18,000-foot mountain. The climb will not be an easy feat, as there will be extreme conditions, including major altitude changes and temperatures drops.

The fit pair, who wed in 2010 and have three children together, use social media often to show off their sporty adventures, but their time in India will surely push their endurance and fitness levels.

"I have always wanted to take on a big adventure, to go somewhere that no one has gone before and to challenge my abilities," Elsa said during a press conference.

"So when I received the phone call from Jesus I was really excited. It's just the perfect thing for me. Soon we will be going to a place that I have always dreamed of going to, but with a temperature of my worst nightmares. Minus 25 Celsius (-13 Fahrenheit)! Let's see how we survive," she admitted.

It was unclear if the whole family joined the couple on the adventure, but on Tuesday, Elsa shared a sweet snap of her daughter holding a stick insect.

"India, ama la naturaleza! India loves nature! 👏#stickinsect #insectopalo #big #australia#nature #loveher #cute" she captioned the black and white shot.

On Wednesday, 32-year-old Chris also shared a picture of him sharing a nice moment with a black and white cow.

Give us a kiss gorgeous

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"Give us a kiss gorgeous," the handsome actor said in the caption of the photo of him squatting down sans shirt and shoes near the animal.

It looks as though Chris Hemsworth is back up to his normal physique, after an impressive and dramatic transformation he revealed in November when he lost a drastic amount of weight for his role in the film "In the Heart of the Sea."

"Just tried a new diet/training program called "Lost At Sea". Wouldn't recommend it..#IntheHeartoftheSea @zocothebodypro" he joked in the caption of the picture of him showing off his slim body while only wearing black short and sporting long hair and a serious beard.

Chris and his beautiful family moved to his home country of Australia in 2014, where they continue to raise their 3-year-old daughter India and twin sons, Tristan and Sasha, who turn two in March 2016.