Chrissy Teigen's beloved bulldog is fighting for his life after suffering a major medical emergency.


The model initially tweeted about her dog, Puddy, on Nov. 12.

"At the emergency vet with my old man bulldog puddy. Please send him happy doggy thoughts :( my first born baby," she tweeted. On Nov. 13, she offered a glimmer of hope after one of her 8.4 million Twitter followers asked for a status update on Puddy.

"Heart failure but he is stable at the moment. not sleeping tonight that's for sure. Thank you ❤️," she wrote.

A few hours later, Chrissy indicated that she was still at the animal hospital, while sharing an image of a coffee maker.

"Bright and early at the animal hospital, hell yea," she wrote.

Chrissy has often posted images to social media of her beloved pooch over the years. She and her husband, John Legend, recently added to their family with another bulldog. She shared an image of the newest little guy with Puddy on Oct. 6 to Instagram.

Sending a love of puppy love to you, Chrissy.