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Well, that didn't take long! Just one week after giving birth to daughter Chanel, Coco's body is already back to her pre-baby weight, and she's flashing a flat tummy, no less!

Granted, it helps that she only gained 13 pounds during her pregnancy, but it's still nothing short of impressive. On Dec. 7, the "Ice Loves Coco" star took to Instagram to post a side by side image, one of herself today, and one of herself at 36 weeks pregnant.

"1 week post baby ..the left was me at 36 weeks (I had Chanel at 37 weeks) I was basically in shape before I got pregnant but during pregnancy I stopped my workout regimen at 4 months preggers and pretty much became a fruitarian after that lol.." she captioned the comparative image.

Coco said fruit was her pregnancy vice but she had few other cravings.

"I lost 10 pounds before I even started to gain baby weight probably because 1- I stopped drinking alcohol. 2 - I stopped weight lifting and lost a lot of muscle and 3-I ate really healthy and took my vitamins everyday," she said, detailing her pre-pregnancy and during-pregnancy journey. The quickly-recovering reality star said she plans to posts her fitness routine on her baby blog.

"I gained 13 pounds my whole pregnancy and now I way almost back to norm at 137 pounds," she said, admitting that she thinks it was strange how well her body took to pregnancy. "I was mentally prepared to blow up like a whale and I was totally cool with it..I would've gone through anything to make a healthy baby .."

Chanel Nicole was born on Nov. 28, weighing in at 5 pounds, 7 ounces. Coco shared a photo of her bundle of joy shortly after the birth.

As for the birth and her bounce back body, Coco said in her Instagram post, "I had the heavens really watching over me and know everyday how blessed I am.. I believe anybody could too go through a wonderful experience and thats why I made a baby blog so people could know the steps I took."