Don't get it twisted, Courtney Stodden is over the moon that she's pregnant, but that doesn't mean she isn't struggling with the process.

On May 24, the reality star, who is six weeks pregnant, shared a photo of herself looking disheveled and resting her head on the toilet seat.

"When does this end?," she asked with an emoji indicating she's sick. "#firsttrimester #baby #pregnant #morningsickness #notjustinthemornings."

She also revealed that she is already suffering from depression, six weeks into her pregnancy.

"My depression affects my appetite, sleeping patterns and overall perspective on life," she told Us Weekly. "At times, I have severe insomnia and other times I find myself sleeping too much. I have feelings of hopelessness but experience many moments of absolute euphoria."

Courtney said she currently takes medication for her anxiety, and she's referenced her nauseousness over the last several days on social media.

It's hardly rare for women in her position to suffer from these symptoms. According to the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, between 14 to 23 percent of pregnant women struggle with prenatal depression.

Like she said, though, there also moments of pure bliss.

"I already love this baby so much," she said. "I just fear the thought of motherhood. It's such an overwhelming responsibility and I want to be the very best mommy that I can possibly be."

Currently, she's finding solace in writing.

"I'm working on a self-help book called Blonde & Blue," she said. "It's an explicit in-depth account of my saddest, darkest moments as well as my highs … My hope is by being painfully honest, my story can inspire others."

Earlier this month before announcing the pregnancy, Courtney opened up to exclusively about having children with her husband of five years, Doug Hutchison.

"Well, Doug really wants children. We're 34 years different... We're dealing with that as well," she said. "It's a challenge because he really wants children with me, and I eventually would love to have kids. But it's all in good time. … You never know. I'm a free spirit, and I'm open to whatever happens."