Less than a week after filing for divorce from Doug Hutchison, Courtney Stodden is opening up about the painful split, their finances and what's next.

A TMZ cameraman caught up with the reality TV personality, 23 -- who first found fame in 2011 when, at 16, she married the "Green Mile" actor, then 50 -- as she left a Starbucks in Santa Clarita, California, on March 10.


Courtney filed for divorce on March 6, a little more than a year after she and the actor announced that they were parting ways after a tumultuous few years, though they tried to make it work on-and-off for several months.

"I don't regret it. I've learned a lot from it, so that's good," she told TMZ when asked if she had any regrets about marrying a man 34 years her senior.

As for what's next, "I'm just recovering right now," she said.

As recently as January, Courtney had spoken out about wanting to reconcile with Doug, 57. In fact, she briefly begged him to take her back. In divorce papers, she noted that their official date of separation was Sept. 1, 2017.

She did not ask for spousal support in her court filing, which led to speculation that there might have been a prenup. Courtney cleared that up in her chat with TMZ.


"There wasn't a prenup in the relationship. And I know some people were reporting that I did the divorce papers wrong or something [by not asking for spousal support], I didn't," Courtney explained. "I didn't marry him for his money. He hardly had any when I married him."

TMZ previously reported that in her divorce filing, Courtney noted that she and Doug each earn $2,500 a month.

"There's a big misconception about he was this rich sugar daddy, and I mean, in reality, I was kind of the breadwinner, you know, for a while in our relationship," Courtney explained. "Big misconception. I did a good job playing into the whole image, you know. But I was the breadwinner."

"There's no money to go after, even if I wanted to," she added.


She confessed that she last talked to Doug a day earlier. "I spoke to him yesterday, briefly, just about business," she said. "It's very sensitive right now."

Courtney also confirmed that, after years of issues with her family -- especially mom Krista Keller, with whom she appeared on "The Mother Daughter Experiment: Celebrity Edition" in 2016 -- they are working to end their estrangement.

"I'm slowly rebuilding the relationship with my mom, with my dad, with my two sisters," Courtney told TMZ. "I have two nieces and two nephews that I really haven't met yet."