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Courtney Stodden was hot over the weekend, and there's really no denying it.

The "Couples Therapy" star accentually set her hair on fire during a strange séance during a Periscope video on April 3.

During the video, Courtney listens to a friend say bizarre things like, "My cat died getting run over" and "Is that Tony the Tiger?" when she puts her head down on a table, only to accidentally have her hair end up in a nearby burning candle.

The friend gasps and he quickly realizes it. Courtney, 21, realizes it, too, and they rapidly put the fire out. Both of them can be seen laughing after the flames were put out, clearly indicating that she is fine.

"I told you that was going to happen, babe, I told you that was going to happen," the friend says as Courtney laughs in his arms. "We have to go. There was a medical emergency. Did you see what happened?"

Courtney also took to social media to tell her fans about the heated moment.

"My hair just caught on fire during a seance," she tweeted to her 190,000 followers.

Courtney had been using her social media to hype up the séance on Periscope, saying, she was going to "Contact the DEAD with HOLLYWOOD MEDIUM."

Courtney's name was first thrust into the pop culture spotlight after she married actor Doug Hutchison while still 16 years old. He was 50 at the time.

They split and eventually got back together.

In March 2016, the family dynamic took a strange turn when Courtney's mom, Krista Keller, appeared with her daughter on "The Mother/Daughter Experiment: Celebrity Edition." There, Courtney accused her mom of falling in love with her older husband.

The mother said this is untrue, but hinted that Doug may be attracted to her, as well as her daughter. She said they "bonded emotionally," but she never had sex with her daughter's husband. She said Doug asked if she would stay in his home if his marriage to Courtney fell apart.

"He was asking me to stay there with him and saying that he's had fantasies of having both Courtney and me," the mother said. "And so when he started talking like that, I thought, Oh, my God — this is headed in not a good direction. So I'm the one that actually decided to step away and encourage Doug to find help somewhere else."