Country singer Craig Strickland has been found dead a week after he went missing during a hunting trip, several media outlets are reporting. He was 29.

The singer had not been seen since Dec. 26 when he and his friend Chase Morland went hunting for ducks on Oklahoma's Lake Kaw Lake. Last week, Chase's body was found deceased after the duo's boat purportedly overturned.

As searchers combed the area in search of Craig, his wife praised the efforts on social media.

"Sam and Ryan searching the surrounding land while Randy and Garthe drove through the frozen water in today's 27 degree weather," Helen Strickland captioned a video from the lake of the teams looking. "Thank you for refusing to give up #craigstrickland @olboy40 @strickark."

She also posted a smiling photo with the State Search and Rescue team members, calling them "such wonderful, hardworking, godly people."

On Jan. 3, Helen even held out hope that her husband was alive and may have floated after the boat capsized.

"We were unable to locate Craig Strickland today. However, we are able to stay positive after conducting an interesting experiment to see if waders actually cause a person to sink," she captioned a video. "Since Craig was most likely wearing his waders it would be helpful to know what actually happens when a duck hunter falls into the water."

"Craig's friend put on the same style waders Craig wore last Sunday and tested it's buoyancy in the hotel pool. From this experiment we can conclude that Craig may have actually floated after the boat was capsized," she said. "Our family wants to thank Craig's friends Garthe Goodwin, Ryan Ney, Brandon James and Jake Terry who have not stopped trying to do everything possible to find Craig. Thank you for being willing to try this experiment to answer more questions for our family."

Craig and Chase seemed to know the danger of their hunting trip. Before heading out, Chase wrote a haunting tweet.

"In case we don't come back, @BackroadCRAIG and I are going right through Winter Storm Goliath to kill ducks in Oklahoma. #IntoTheStorm," he tweeted on Dec. 26. It was his last tweet.