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Scary! Captain Sig Hansen, star of Discovery Channel's "Deadliest Catch," had to be airlifted from the sea after suffering a possible heart attack.

Sig's daughter Mandy posted an image to her Instagram on March 2 from the hospital. In the snap, her father recovers in a hospital bed, forcing a bit of a smile while being hooked up to medical machines and IVs.

"Capt survived the "widowmaker"!!," Mandy captioned the image that also included Sig's wife, June. "Beating a heart attack ain't easy. Welcome back boss."

Doctors are running tests to determine if he did, indeed, suffer a heart attack.

According to reports, Sig and the crew of the F/V Northwestern were at sea when the captain briefly passed out. Sig allegedly brushed it off when he came to, and wanted to keep fishing.

Cameras for "Deadliest Catch" were rolling at the time and the production crew insisted that he seek medical attention. He was then airlifted from the Pacific Ocean to a nearby hospital.

Aside from "Deadliest Catch," Sig also appeared on "Celebrity Apprentice 7" in early 2015. He was "fired" the first week.

Sig has been a favorite on the Discovery show since it began, as he and his brother are often featured trying to find crab in the hellacious Bering Sea. He's been called the "King of Crabs" in media outlets.

The newest season of the show is set to premiere on March 29. It will be the 12th season of the popular show.

The upcoming season will feature new captains and several new faces, all around.

"When I look around at the new guys, there is a lot of opportunity but not a lot of promise," Sig said in a press release about the season.

"I don't see as much fear as I would have hoped to see. They don't seem fearful because in their mind, there is nothing to fear. At sea, you find out what a guy is made out of. Not everyone makes the cut."

A "Deadliest Catch" Facebook fan page also posted Mandy's statement about her dad and several fans of the show have been leaving their wishes for a full recovery.

Many fans have been encouraging Sig to give up smoking, something he has tried to do in the past, but has failed.