Demi Lovato will go directly to a rehab facility after she leaves the hospital, where she's being treated following an alleged overdose, according to a new report.


"She slipped up and thought she could handle it. This is obviously a huge wake-up call," a source told E! News. "Demi doesn't want to die and she's very grateful to be alive. She will be leaving the hospital and heading straight to rehab. Her family has been by her side supporting her and is getting her the help she needs."

The singer was hospitalized on July 24 after suffering an alleged overdose inside her Los Angeles home. It's still unknown exactly what she was taking before falling unconscious -- initial reports suggested that it was heroin, but since then multiple sources close to Demi have been adamant that she wasn't using heroin.

The new information comes amid another report that indicates the pop star's team recently attempted to stage an intervention, but Demi rejected their help.

Chelsea Lauren/REX/Shutterstock

A few weeks ago, sources close to Demi tell TMZ that members of her team realized she was "in a bad place," TMZ writes, "and even confronted her about it."

They made it clear they would help her get sober again, and a plan was devised to try to get her back into rehab years after she first sought help.

According to TMZ's information, "the intervention attempt was not successful -- Demi refused and continued to party." The report noted that Demi, who recently fired her sober coach, tried to hide her partying, acting like everything was fine.

A source told E! that Demi has gone on multiple drinking binges recently and that her Hollywood Hills home has become known as an after-party spot for her and her entourage.