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Fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg and her media billionaire husband Barry Diller loved their dog so much that they just couldn't let the puppy go, so they didn't.

The cloned their beloved female Jack Russell terrier, Shannon, into two new dogs.

According to the New York Post, the fashion diva's husband became so attached to the dog that he had the pooch's DNA cloned by a specialist company, which created a pair of puppies who are almost exact replicas of Shannon.

No word on whether the two new dogs are as pampered as Shannon, but it's a good bet.

According to the newspaper, Shannon slept in a grand, custom-made, neoclassical doghouse.

Shannon was somewhat well known among the Hollywood circuit as bit of a rebel rouser.

One year, she disturbed her daddy's annual pre-Oscars picnic with his designer wife by finding her way onto the Spanish-tile roof of the couple's hacienda in Los Angeles.

Shannon then ran back and forth perilously close to the edge, in view of many worried guests including some of entertainment's biggest names. Barry was forced to make his way onto the roof deck to lure the altitude-loving dog down to safer ground.

A rep for the billionaire mogul didn't comment on the canine clone. Cloning dogs isn't cheap, costing up to $100,000, although the couple is estimated to be worth about $3.9 billion.

The cloning is reportedly done by a Korean firm that implants DNA into a dog egg.

The two new dogs are named Deena and Evita. Just like Shannon, Deena already has a dress named after her.

In early December Diane posted a snap of the two puppies running outside to her Instagram page. "Sisters on a Saturday in the country!," she wrote, signing it: "Love Diane."

Later, she posted another snap of one of the puppies relaxing by the serenity of a fireplace.

"Winter evening!" Diane captioned the snap of her cloned baby.