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Can you imagine someone other than Johnny Depp playing Captain Jack Sparrow? It's almost happened… he thinks.

The eclectic actor said his "Pirates of the Caribbean" job was on shaky ground early on when then-head of Disney didn't understand who exactly Johnny was trying to be.

"They wanted to fire me," he recently said while speaking at AFI Fest 2015. "I remember it trickled back to me that [former Disney CEO] Michael Eisner went on some sort of vent about how, 'Goddammit, Johnny Depp's ruining the film. What is it? What is that thing? Is it drunk? Is it gay?' So I fully expected to be fired."

Another executive decided to ask Johnny about his take on Jack Sparrow, to which People magazine reports he replied, "I said, well, didn't you know that all my characters are gay?"

He eventually nabbed a Best Actor nomination at the Oscars for the intoxicating pirate.

"I was really expecting to be fired. But they wouldn't for some reason," he said. "They were actually going to subtitle my character -- they couldn't understand Captain Jack."

We can't understand why they'd want anyone else!