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Usually when someone refers to their relationship being like a roller coaster, its not such a good thing, and refers to it having a lot of emotional ups and downs. But, we don't think that's what Tom Hiddleston meant when he compared his new romance with Taylor Swift to a carnival ride while allegedly on Qmusic's Belgium radio show on June 23, 2016. Or, did he even say it at all?

The authenticity of his dialogue has been called into question by some, according to E! Online, who think the radio show could have edited together old clips of the "Thor: The Dark World" actor to sound like he was talking about his new lady love.

While the station hasn't responded to the allegations as of yet, if the interview is indeed Tom, then he sure did have a lot to say about his feelings for the "Shake It Off" singer.

"I would describe it as a roller coaster ride of action and spectacle and lots of laughs," he reportedly gushed to Maarten and Dorothee about his relationship, comparing it to a fun ride.

Tom went on to describe Taylor as a person (we think), revealing that she has a funnier side than most would expect.

"She is an absolute delight," he added. "She's actually, um ... She's got such a wicked sense of humor and she's a really fun person to have around. She's really great."

The host quickly closed out the interview after just two quick questions (suspicious) about Tom's relationship, and wished him luck, as he suspected that there were a lot more Taylor questions to start coming from others.

We can't be sure if Tom really said all of these sweet things in reference to Taylor, but we sure hope he did, because it would be pretty darn cute.

The couple were most recently spotted getting cozy at a Selena Gomez concert in Nashville on Tuesday, June 21.

Tay Tay split with her ex of over a year, DJ Calvin Harris, at the beginning of June, and moved on rather quickly with Tommy.

UPDATE: Tom's rep confirmed, via the Huffington Post, that the interview was indeed not real. The radio station echoed the news, "It was a spliced together recording of old interviews. Maarten and Dorothee called Tom two years ago and used the footage as a joke a few days ago."