On the Feb. 7 episode of "Celebrity Big Brother," Dina Lohan revealed that she had a boyfriend of five years -- whom she'd never met in person. She confessed that they'd only ever communicated online and over the phone because he lived in San Francisco, where he took care of his sick mom, while she lived in New York.

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But now it's over for the long-distance couple. TMZ and "Entertainment Tonight" reported that Dina's internet boyfriend, Jesse Nadler, called things off on April 13 -- just before they had plans to meet in person for the first time.

Jesse told TMZ that he and Dina got into a "blowout argument" over a book he promoted on Facebook. He said Dina thought it was about another woman -- he denied it -- but she lashed out. "She wouldn't say 'I'm sorry,' even though she knew she was wrong," Jesse told "ET."

Dina -- who is the mother of actress Lindsay Lohan -- eventually apologized, but Jesse decided he'd had enough, TMZ reports.

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According to "ET," Jesse didn't think Dina was being sincere. "[She's] very stubborn, headstrong, and it's tough to deal with," he claimed.

He told TMZ he didn't see them getting back together. But he told "ET" they've been texting and that if Dina offered a sincere apology, he'd reconsider his decision.

Jesse also told "ET" that he'd planned to fly Dina to see him in Northern California this week for a vacation that was set to include trips to Tiburon, Carmel and Pebble Beach -- and that while they were in Carmel, he was going to propose marriage -- and had even bought her a ring!

But a source close to Dina told People magazine that Jesse's story isn't true. "There was no meeting scheduled," said the source close to Dina. "Dina was already suspicious that he was media hungry and she is in talks about doing several new shows, including a dating show. This guy wants his 15 minutes of fame -- he just proved her suspicions correct."

Dina made headlines a few months ago after revealing her unconventional romance with Jesse and admitting that they'd never chatted on FaceTime -- because he didn't have an iPhone. Her "Celebrity Big Brother" housemates warned her that he could be catfishing her, but it turns out he wasn't.

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A few days later -- after offering his relationship-sleuthing services via Twitter -- "Catfish" creator and star Nev Schulman connected with Jesse and proved that he was indeed real.