DJ Khaled was injured and cut badly after a Jet Ski accident, but he was able to get first aid treatment at Diddy's house.


The rapper was going to Diddy's house, opting to take a "secret route" to get there. However, while on his way he noticed several downed trees blocking his way. Soon, too, his watercraft was stuck in the tree, too, and he documented the whole thing on Instagram.

Being the modern-day king of positivity, Khaled turned it into a teachable moment.

"In life there's road blocks !!! The [key] is to overcome it !!," he captioned a video. In another video from the water, he said, "The key is don't panic. This ain't no joke … I ain't panicking. I just gotta figure it out. In life, there is road blocks. I am stuck in a tree in the ocean."

Eventually, Khaled jumped off his jet ski to get the tree out his way. In doing so, he cut up his leg.

Once Khaled finally made it to Diddy's house, he got treatment for his cuts.

"Damn, D!" Diddy said while looking at the injuries, adding that it "looks like the wolverine" got ahold of his leg.

Khaled's little incident hardly scared him away from Jet Ski's though, as he is later seen in the water while Diddy. He is also seen encouraging Drake to join them on the watercraft.

Mogul life, ain't it fun.