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Rumors, rumors. There have been a lot concerning Caitlyn Jenner this week - mostly around the idea that Caitlyn Jenner is having doubts about living her life as a woman.

Memorably, in April 2015 Bruce Jenner sat down with Diane Sawyer and began the public transition into Caitlyn Jenner and living life as a woman.

However, the Kardashian biographer, Ian Halperin, is claiming that Caitlyn Jenner is still struggling to come to terms with her new life in an exclusive piece on the Daily Mail.

Apparently, Caitlyn, 66, is having a hard time resonating her devout Christian beliefs with her new lifestyle. Mainly, Caitlyn is still sexually attracted to women, but her Christian beliefs make her believe that same-sex relationships go against God.

"I say Caitlyn is still homophobic," Ian told Page Six. "As a believing Christian and my sources say [she] struggles every day with the idea of being gay, which is a sin according to what she believes in. She said many times that she is not gay. Again, my sources say it's been so hard on her, there's been so many bouts of fits [and] depression, that they see small signs that point to that fact."

"She has been crystal clear that she is not gay," Ian later told the Daily Mail. "Which means that reconciling her new gender with her religious views, and with her desire to find love, is a struggle -- and one which friends believe could lead to detransition."

"I believe within three years, Caitlyn will de-transition," the "Kardashian Dynasty" told Page Six. "I think it's all going to come to fruition."

It's important to note that Caitlyn Jenner hasn't undergone gender reassignment surgery yet, which means her she still has male genitalia.

On May 12, Caitlyn's rep issued a statement sort of addressing the rumors: "Not worth commenting on such an idiotic report. Of course it's not true."