Does Eminem have a new girlfriend? Well, maybe.

A video started floating around social media on Friday of the rapper meeting up with a woman in what appeared to be a hotel room.


In the beginning of the video, a woman speaks the camera, saying, "He's coming, I think." Just then Eminem comes through the door and thinks the woman is getting ready to take a selfie. He even poses.

He can been seen kissing her and calling her "sweetie."

Eminem continues to speak to the woman while looking relaxed in the room.

"What's this? What are we doing?," he asks. The brunette woman then says she's videotaping because "we have to document our life, right?"

The two are very comfortable with each other and very flirty. Toward the end of the 55 second video, Eminem cozies up to the woman, looks into the camera and wonders if the phone is still recording.

So, what is this? Is it a new girlfriend? Is it a publicity stunt for something? Is he teasing an upcoming project?

Eminem, you have some explaining to do!

See the video below: