A politician's got to eat!

After Donald Trump made headlines on May 5, 2016, by eating a taco bowl, we took a look at the ways that food made political headlines on the campaign trails before the 2016 election.

Starting with Donald's Cinco de Mayo Facebook post. He posted this image of himself eating a taco bowl and wrote "Happy Cinco de Mayo! The best taco bowls are made in Trump Tower Grill. I love Hispanics!"

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The Facebook post had over 801,000 reactions, 585,000 shares, and over 226,000 comments.

"Can the taco bowl be president instead of Trump?" one of the most liked comments read. "I'm a Trump supporter, and I thought this was funny," another commenter wrote.

For Donald, food has been pretty divisive. In March 2016, this marcher showed off her sign saying that she didn't support him, because he ate pizza with a fork.

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But food can also help you gain support from different groups. Hillary Clinton showed her support for the Girl Scouts of the USA by buying their gluten-free cookies at a Kentucky shop. Even though they're not old enough to vote, their parents are!

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Girl power!

And she also supported Pearl Street Brewery because "when in Wisconsin."

When in Wisconsin.

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Cheers for votes, Hillary!

Hillary's fellow Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders didn't stop by Coney Island, New York, without grabbing a staple food item.

Bernie felt comfortable scarfing down franks from Nathan's Famous with his wife Jane in front of the cameras to further show he's just like the rest of us.

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And coffee is fueling his fire during this campaign.

He shared this Instagram showing him and Jane "exchanging notes over a cup of coffee this morning at the Peterborough Diner in Peterborough, New Hampshire. #FeelTheBern (No seriously, be careful. Coffee is hot)."

While Donald, Hillary and Bernie are still in the presidential candidate running race, there are a couple more notables who have since bowed out of the election that should be mentioned.

Before Ted Cruz dropped out, he was photographed eating gelato while pointing at sausages during a stop at Glorioso's Italian Market in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on April 4, 2016.

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Sometimes you just need a sweet treat before addressing those meaty topics!

That same month, fellow Republican John Kasich got his close-up taken while eating a pickle at PJ Bernstein's deli restaurant in New York City.

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At the time, John refused a pastrami sandwich after Kreplach soup and pickles and said, "I can't eat anymore. I've eaten so much!"

Running for president is not just about the mental and emotional tolls, but by the looks of these candidates, you'll also need a strong stomach on those campaign trails!