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Ellen Barkin had to be rushed to the hospital after choking on her lunch.

The incident on March 22 was serious enough that she actually passed out.

According to TMZ, Ellen, 61, was on the set on her latest show on TNT, "Animal Kingdom," when she took a break and decided to eat some food. It was then that the food got lodged in her windpipe.

"Ellen showed signs of distress and began to panic," the celebrity website said, adding that she fainted around the same time.

The "Oceans 13" actress was rushed to a Los Angles-area hospital where doctors performed a battery of tests and the food was eventually dislodged.

Ellen, who once was linked to Johnny Depp, was released from the hospital several hours after the incident and was back on the set of the TV show on March 23. Her rep told Gossip Cop that she is "fine" following the incident.

In Animal Kingdom Ellen plays Janine 'Smurf' Cody, the vicious crime boss mother of an armed robber.

The show is set to premiere this summer. It's an adaptation from the 2010 Australian film of the same name.

Many have wondered if her role as a not-so-good mother will be appealing to audiences.

"For me it goes back to James Cagney's mother in White Heat," she told Deadline. "That was the archetype of that type of mother…She lived for her son and gave him the skills that she had, and that's where these mothers started."

The stereotypical showcase of "the positive side of mothers," got everyone "used to the idea of The Perfect Mother and let's all be great mothers," she said, but added that it's more interesting to steer away from that idea.

She sees her character as someone who "loves her children to a fault," and, "It certainly makes for a very juicy role."

"We've had our share of male villains. Now let's see some grown up bad girls," she said.