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Love me like you do! Ellie Goulding is a workout warrior but she's isn't sweating it out to lose weight. She's entirely content with the way she is now.

"I'm happy with my figure," she told Shape magazine for its latest cover. "I never intended or tried to be skinny. It's just not my thing."

A good looking, in shape body is just a bonus of working out. "If getting stronger means getting more toned and slimmer, so be it, as long as strength comes with it," she said.

A brand ambassador for Nike (because of her dedication to fitness,) Ellie says her goals are simple: "My goal always is to get stronger," she says. "I want to be strong and ready for anything."

To achieve this, Ellie said she's a huge proponent of Barry's Boot Camp classes -- she's even taught the classes before.

"I like it because you spend half the session running and half doing weight-and-floor work. It's really good for endurance, and it keeps me super focused," she said. "I also take another class that's 45 minutes of HIIT training, which is by far the hardest thing I've ever done. I come out of there feeling like something big just happened to my body, and I'm completely drained. Of all the workouts I've done, this has been the best for me."

Ellie admits that she has her vices -- she imbibes on alcohol from time to time and she used to smoke often -- but her biggest addiction may be fitness.

"I feel so exhilarated after working out. That's what gets me motivated and what will drag me out of bed. When I'm not on the road, my trainer comes to my house a few times a week and we go for a run outdoors and then do weight training," she said.

This week she gave her vocal chords a workout, singing at the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

In a photo from the event posted to her Instagram, Ellie wrote, "I had the most wonderful time with these ladies and the whole of the Victoria's Secret team, what a brilliant bunch of people, from the beautiful angels to behind the scenes, I can see why this is such a world renowned killer show. Special shoutout to Sophia Neophitou whom I adore... Thank you for having me @victoriassecret."