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Two agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation visited Angelina Jolie's home this week to interview her and her children about Brad Pitt.

According to TMZ, the agents basically wanted to determine what really went down during an alleged incident between 15-year-old Maddox and the actor on an airplane. The investigators spent three hours at the home, but the website says the visit wasn't an "official investigation" but more of a "fact-finding" meeting.

It's been reported that it's highly unlikely that Brad will be prosecuted in the case.

In speaking to the agents, Angelina and the kids walked through the in-flight incident step-by-step, "but they spent a lot of time trying to pin down the location of the airplane at the time it happened," the site said.

Apparently agents were trying to determine if this argument went down in United States airspace. There is some thought that perhaps officials in Minnesota could have jurisdiction, as the plane landed to refuel there.

Angie was said to be cooperative, but according to TMZ, she just wants the whole thing to go away.

The news of the FBI visit came as another report claimed that Maddox refused to see Brad during a visit on Oct. 8.

An insider told Us Weekly that the reunion with the kids was "emotional" for Brad. Maddox is said to have a much closer relationship with Angie than Brad, as she adopted him two years before he and Brad ever began dating.

"She is not trying to poison the kids against Brad," said a source. "She wants them to have a relationship with him once their health and safety is assured."

According to People, Maddox declined to join his siblings on the two occasions when they met with their father.

After coming to a temporary custody agreement, the estranged couple share legal custody of their six kids. Brad has also agreed to visit with the kids under the supervision of a therapist.