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Former 'Glee' star Mark Salling dead from suicide

Former "Glee" star Mark Salling has died, and authorities believe that it was suicide.

TMZ reported on Jan. 30 that the actor's body was found at the riverbed of the Los Angeles River in the Sunland area, which is were he lived. His apparent manner of death is hanging, the report said, adding that the address of his death is a little league field near the creek.

The Blast said his family reported him missing at 4 AM on Tuesday.


Not long after the discovery of Mark's body, the family released a statement.

"I can confirm that Mark Salling passed away early this morning. Mark was a gentle and loving person, a person of great creativity, who was doing his best to atone for some serious mistakes and errors of judgment," the statement read. "He is survived by his mother and father, and his brother. The Salling family appreciates the support they have been receiving and asks for their privacy to be respected."

There is suspicion that he has tried suicide before. Last year, TMZ claimed he tried to cut his wrists.

The death comes as he was due to be sentenced on a child pornography case.

Last October, Mark, 35, pleaded guilty to possession of child pornography involving a prepubescent minor as part of a plea bargain with prosecutors. As part of the plea, he was expected to get four to seven years in prison.


In May 2016, Mark was indicted by a federal grand jury on two counts of child porn after cops found more than 50,000 images of child pornography and child erotica on his personal computer. Last October, TMZ said Mark agreed to make restitution to the victims, which is $50,000 per victim.

At the time of his arrest in December 2015, it was reported that an ex-girlfriend tipped off authorities to the contents of Mark's computer.


Ronnie Ortiz-Magro's fiancée hints at a split in new social media post

There's growing speculation that Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and fiancée Saffire Matos have split up after a new social media image showed her without her engagement ring. 


In a recent photo posted to her Instagram Story, the cosmetologist held up her golden doodle puppy for a selfie. The fact that she was sans ring raised eyebrows, but her caption seemed more telling. 

"Me and my one and only love," she captioned the photo. The picture is no longer available, but The Sun shared a screengrab on Jan. 24.

Further fueling the breakup rumors, Ronnie and Saffire are both fiercely active on social media, yet he last appeared on her Instagram in October 2021, while she hasn't appeared on his page since early December 2021.

Saffire and the "Jersey Shore" star got engaged last June during a romantic beach picnic in Los Angeles.

The couple's romance hasn't exactly been a fairytale. In April 2021, the reality TV star was arrested after Saffire called 911 during an argument that turned physical. Once officers arrived, they noticed "visible marks on Saffire's body" and determined that Ronnie was the aggressor, a report said. However, she would go on to downplay the issue and the duo clearly worked through their differences (as evidenced by the engagement).

Last fall, Ronnie caught a huge break in court when a judge opted not to toss him in jail. Ironically, the judge put a three-year protective order in place so he couldn't harass or intimidate Saffire.

The arrest could have easily spelled doom for Ronnie, as he is currently on probation for a different domestic violence incident in L.A. involving his ex Jen Harley, with whom he shares a 3-year-old daughter. Ronnie made a plea deal in the 2019 case, which requires him to keep his nose clean through 2023.

Court win

Cardi B awarded $1M in libel lawsuit against blogger

A federal court jury has sided with Cardi B in her libel case against a blogger. 

On Jan. 24, following more than a week of trial, blogger Tasha K was found liable on three separate claims, and Cardi was awarded at least $1 million, TMZ reported.

Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

Tasha got in hot water after publishing several salacious allegations about the rapper back in 2018 and 2019, including a claim that Cardi had been a prostitute. Cardi denied the claims and demanded the posts be taken down. After Tasha refused, the "WAP" artist filed a lawsuit.

In a federal courtroom in Georgia, the mother-of-two spoke of her mental health and testified that she was suicidal as result of the published posts. She called Tasha a "demon" in court.

"I felt defeated and depressed and I didn't want to sleep with my husband," Cardi testified.

A future hearing will be held to determine potential punitive damages Tasha might owe Cardi.

Controversial comments

Andy Cohen calls 'Housewives' star's social media posts 'disgusting'

Andy Cohen is ripping "The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City" star Jennie Nguyen for her resurfaced comments that appeared to mock the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020. 

Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

"The posts were very upsetting … and disgusting," Andy, the executive producer of the Bravo franchise, said on his SiriusXM show, "Radio Andy," on Jan. 24.

Andy also addressed fans who were upset that he didn't address the scandal much on Sunday evening's "Watch What Happens Live," but he revealed on Monday that the Bravo show was pretaped before the scope of Jennie's posts were known.

"People were very upset about the lack of discussion on last night's episode relating to Jennie's disgusting and upsetting posts, and I've also seen all the tweets wanting to know what's being done about those posts," he said. "I just want to say, in case anyone doesn't realize it, that there are many serious discussions happening right now about everything — about everything. And I can't address the situation right now, but it will be addressed very soon, and thank you for your patience."

Natalie Cass/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Back in 2020, Jennie posted memes and jokes about BLM. (She also reposted a meme that said those sympathetic to the BLM movement were "idiots.")

Page Six reported that nearly all of Jennie's "RHSLC" co-stars — including Heather Gay, Whitney Rose, Meredith Marks and Jen Shah — have publicly condemned her posts and unfollowed her on Instagram.

As her resurfaced posts made headlines last week, Jennie deleted her posts and apologized.

"I want to acknowledge and apologize for my deleted Facebook posts from 2020 that resurfaced today," she wrote via Instagram. "At the time, I thought I was speaking out against violence, but I have since learned how offensive and hurtful my words were."

"It's why I deactivated that account more than a year ago and why I continue to try to learn about perspectives different from my own," she continued. "I regret those posts and am sincerely sorry for the pain they caused."

Daddy dearest

Cooper Hefner defends late father amid wave of 'salacious' accusations

Cooper Hefner is making a preemptive strike to stick up for his famous father.

On Jan. 24, A&E will debut the docuseries, "Secrets of Playboy," which is expected to cast a very negative light on late Playboy founder Hugh Hefner and the inner workings of the Playboy Mansion.

Getty Images for Playboy

Previews already show several of Hugh's former girlfriends, Playmates and members of the Mansion staff alleging that drugs, coercion and secret sexual recordings were a part of life in the famed home.

Just 24 hours before the first episode, Cooper, who Hugh shares with ex-wife Kimberley Conrad, tweeted, "Some may not approve of the life my Dad chose, but my father was not a liar. However unconventional, he was sincere in his approach and lived honestly. He was generous in nature and cared deeply for people."

Cooper, the former Chief Creative Officer at Playboy Enterprises, added, "These salacious stories are a case study of regret becoming revenge."

One of the voices in the series is Holly Madison, who dated the magazine magnate from 2001 to 2008. 

"The reason I think the mansion was very cult-like looking back on it is because we were all kind of gaslit and expected to think of Hef as like this really good guy," she says in the series, according to E! News. "And you started to feel like, 'Oh, he's not what they say in the media, he's just a nice man.'"

Jim Smeal/BEI/Shutterstock

Holly, who's had issues with her ex over the years, believes she developed Stockholm Syndrome during those years living under the Playboy Mansion roof.

"I felt like I was in this cycle of gross things, and I didn't know what to do," she said. 

A wife's farewell

Meat Loaf's widow speaks out over 'gut-wrenching' grief

The entertainment world reacted with sadness when it lost rock legend Meat Loaf last week. The rocker's widow's heartache, however, is "beyond words."

In a statement to People magazine, Deborah Gillespie said, "The grief I feel over the loss of my husband is gut-wrenching. I was lying close to Michael when he took his last breath, and my sadness is beyond words."

Denis Jones/ANL/Shutterstock

Deborah always referred to the "I'd Do Anything for Love" singer by his given name, Michael Aday. 

"I didn't see him as 'Meat.' I feel much gratitude for the outpouring of love I have received from around the world," she said. "He meant so much to so many people, and it gave me joy to be able to share him with the world. As his wife, I also want everyone to know how much he meant to me as a husband."

Deborah further described their love story. 

"For me, it was always about him. From the day we met, he was my world and I loved him. There wasn't a day that went by that we didn't tell the other how much we loved them. Not a day that we didn't hug each other," she continued. "Some of my fondest memories will always be about how we so often laughed, and how we brought out the silliness and playfulness in each other. Michael was a hugger–such a physically affectionate and kind man, and I'm grateful that he brought out those traits in me."

Hugh Thompson/Shutterstock

While Meat Loaf's official cause of death isn't known, TMZ reported that the "Two Out of Three Ain't Bad" singer died of COVID-19 complications. He was 74.

Deborah, who married Meat Loaf in 2007, described their life together as an "adventure."

"I waited until later in life to get married because I was waiting for the right man," she said. "And oh boy, was he ever the right man for me! I realize how blessed I am to have shared my life with such an incredible person. He didn't hesitate to let me know how much I was appreciated, and often sweetly told me, 'You're a good wife.' I will miss hearing that."

Deborah added, "Our life together was an adventure. He was my best friend, my confidant, my lover and I miss him terribly already. As much as my heart is in pain right now, my heart is also so full of the love and glory we shared together. I will love you forever, Michael."


Elle Fanning wears forehead prosthetic to transform into convict Michelle Carter: Pics

Elle Fanning is the spitting image of Michelle Carter in the upcoming series "The Girl From Plainville," which chronicles the sensational trial of the Massachusetts woman convicted of pressuring her boyfriend to take his own life.

While much of the crew behind the series marveled at how similar Elle and the famous convict look, the actress still had to alter her appearance, which included using a forehead prosthetic. Showrunner Patrick Macmanus told Entertainment Weekly that it was important to not sensationalize the story and be as genuine as possible. 

In the end, Patrick said Elle used a wig, some light makeup, and a forehead prosthetic to move the actress' hairline back. The idea was to avoid anything from "distracting" from the real story.

Elle posted stills from the show on her Instagram, which prompted January Jones to comment how "uncanny" she looks to Michelle, who was eventually convicted of involuntary manslaughter.


Michelle's court case made headlines in 2017 as she was accused of convincing her boyfriend Conrad Roy III via text to take his own life three years earlier. Throughout the course of the trial, everything was scrutinized, including her appearance.


"The physicality that Elle found in playing Michelle — she studied all of the courtroom tapes, she studied the documentary [HBO's 'I Love You, Now Die'] — she really threw herself into making sure that the movement and the way she spoke was authentic, as well. So I think that in tandem with the change physically really brings it all together," co-showrunner Liz Hannah said.

near-death experience

'Skins' star Kathryn Prescott shares first post since being hit by cement truck

For the first time since her near-death experience in the middle of a New York City street, "Skins" star Kathryn Prescott is speaking out. 

Rob Latour/Shutterstock

On Jan. 20, the actress posted a simple photo of a rock — a rock given to her after she was hit by a cement truck while crossing a New York City street last September. 

"An anonymous woman, whose face I never saw, put this rock into my hand as I was being lifted onto a stretcher. She whispered into my ear that it was for good luck," the 30-year-old wrote on Instagram. "When I finally got to the operating room and was being prepped for my first surgery, one of the assistants asked me what was in my fist. I realized I had been holding onto it since then without realizing. Thank you to that woman (if anyone knows who she is, please tell me.)"

Kathryn's incident was made public after United Kingdom-based twin sister, Megan Prescott, made a plea to get to New York. 

"I received the most terrifying phone call I've ever received in my life on Tuesday evening," Megan wrote on her Instagram last fall. "My twin sister Kathryn was hit by a cement truck while crossing a road in New York on the 7th September."

"After fighting through complex surgery some of Kathryn's injuries include: broken pelvis in two places, both of her legs, her foot and her left hand," Megan continued. "She is incredibly lucky to be alive. She narrowly avoided paralysis. The doctors are hopeful that she will make a full recovery but this will only be possible with the correct care right now."

Megan was desperate to get to the United States to be by her sister's side, and applied for an exemption from the COVID travel restrictions. Megan, though, was denied. 

"She is alone in New York with no family members. I need help getting to New York to support her recovery," Megan explained. "I will have to help her until she can start to walk again. I need to be there to help her with literally everything as she will be able to do incredibly little by herself. She will be in rehab for a very long time and will need 24/hr care even after she leaves the hospital."

Without being flippant, Megan is Kathryn's rock… and Megan eventually made it to New York.

"Thank you to my sister for moving heaven and earth to get to me during a global pandemic and travel ban. Thank you to all of my friends for being there, without hesitation, and for sending your mums, friends and sisters when you couldn't," the "A Dog's Journey" actress said. "Thank you to my hospital room mate for being who you are and for making me laugh, even when there wasn't much to laugh about. Thank you to everyone who has reached out and helped in every and any way they could. From the bottom of my heart, thank you."

Friends forever

John Mayer paid for private jet to transport Bob Saget's body to L.A.

John Mayer made sure his late pal got home in style.

A new report by Showbiz 411 says the singer footed the bill for a private plane to transport Bob Saget's body from Florida to California.

Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

The "Full House" actor was found dead in an Orlando hotel room on Jan. 9 following a comedy show in Jacksonville. 

John's generosity didn't end with the airplane either. Last week, he and comedian Jeff Ross went on Instagram Live as they picked up Bob's car from Los Angeles International Airport. The duo reminisced about their pal during the drive. 

"I've never known a human being on this Earth who could give that much love," John said, "individually and completely, to that many people in a way that made each person feel like he was a main character in their life and they were a main character in his life."

After the gesture, Bob's wife, Kelly Rizzo, publicly thanked John and Jeff.

"No words for how much this meant to me," she said on her Instagram Story. "These two men have been holding me up and taking care of me (along with many other incredible people who loved my husband more than anything)."

John, who served as a pallbearer at the comedian's funeral, also helped design a hoodie with Bob's name on it. Proceeds from the sale of the clothing will go to the Scleroderma Research Foundation, which Bob worked tirelessly for. 

Over... again

Pamela Anderson reportedly divorcing for fifth time

Pamela Anderson is getting divorced… again.

Rolling Stone reported on Jan. 20 that the former "Baywatch" babe and Dan Hayhurst are splitting after a year of marriage.

Matt Baron/Shutterstock

A source close to the couple told the music publication that the actress is filing for divorce in her native Canada, where she and Dan had been living. 

"Pamela loves as authentically as she lives," said the source, who dubbed the brief union a "pandemic whirlwind" that petered out.

Pam and Dan tied the knot at her Vancouver Island home on Christmas Eve in 2020.

"I'm exactly where I need to be — in the arms of a man who truly loves me," she told DailyMailTV a month after they exchanged vows.

"I am in love. We were married Christmas Eve with both our families' blessing, everyone we know is happy for us," Pam said. "I was married on the property I bought from my grandparents 25 years ago, this is where my parents were married and they are still together. I feel like I've come full circle."

Swan Gallet/WWD/REX/Shutterstock

During a joint interview (from their bed!) with British talk show "Loose Women," she added, "This is like the magic place to live, I guess. He was working here, and I got stuck here during COVID, and we stuck together, and we're still stuck together."

"He's the kind of guy I probably would have met if I would have stayed home and not went around the world and got crazy," she added. "I mean, I came home in one piece. It's nice to be with, like, a real man who can actually change a light bulb."

Less than a year before she married Dan, Pam reportedly married businessman Jon Peters. They split after just 12 days, and she later claimed they were never legally married.

She was previously married to Mötley Crüe rocker Tommy Lee from 1995 to 1998. She married Kid Rock in 2006. And she married producer Rick Solomon twice: first in 2007 and then in late 2013 or early 2014. (Their first union was annulled.)