Simon Emmett / Nylon Magazine 1 / 12
Simon Emmett / Nylon Magazine 1 / 12

Sophie Turner is living the dream!

In addition to starring as Sansa Stark on "Game of Thrones," the British beauty has joined the "X-Men" franchise as a young Jean Grey. (She can be seen in "X-Men: Apocalypse" in May 2016.)

But as her career skyrockets, the 20 year old admits that she sometimes longs for a simpler existence.

"I'd like to work at Starbucks," she told the May 2016 issue of NYLON magazine, which hits news stands on April 26. "I love the idea of having a job for a good long time, a schedule, a regular routine. I'd love to interact with people, too, and not be constantly worried that they might recognize me."

"Don't get me wrong, I adore acting, and I've always wanted to do this, but there is a lot of loneliness attached to it," she continued. "Sometimes, you just want to go unnoticed, and I have this desire to be able to talk to people just for the sake of talking, and not because they know who I am, you know?"

Sophie's frustration with being treated differently because of her career is only one of her issues with Hollywood culture.

She also opened up about why she feels so uncomfortable during interviews: "I just feel like I'm so media-trained, making sure I say the right thing, and not giving away plotlines," she says. "It's just regurgitating other people's opinions to please people, basically."

And she even took aim at Hollywood girl squads.

"Everyone in L.A. has an agenda," the redhead tells NYLON. "They want to make friends with you because of who you are. It's like: 'We're famous! Let's be friends!' I'm like: 'But I don't even know you!'"

We guess that means Sophie won't be palling around with Taylor Swift anytime soon.

Fortunately, it doesn't sound like the "Game of Thrones" star is hurting for famous female friends considering her built-in sisterhood with co-star Maisie Williams, NYLON's May 2016 cover girl.

"I've always seen Maisie as this rebellious, cool kid, while I'm more passive-aggressive, or else just passive," says Sophie. "I hate that about myself, and I love that Maisie is just who she is. We spent the past five years basically sharing a hotel room (even though we each had our own), having endless sleepovers, lots of line rehearsals, and lots of food and messing about, too."

The English actress has also bonded with her "X-Men" co-stars, including Jennifer Lawrence, Alexandra Shipp, James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender.

"A cast coordinator organized activities for us, and so the first time we met was at a Drake concert," says Sophie. "We bonded so much. I consider them all my new best friends."

Such is the power of Drake!