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The key to a George Clooney and Amal Clooney's happy marriage?


While speaking to "Extra" at the premiere of his latest film "Hail, Caesar!" on Feb. 1, the actor opened up about his marriage to wife of over a year, Amal. Since the successful couple have hectic day jobs, which sometimes result in the pair traveling for work, George shared their key to remaining close. It turns out the famous couple utilize a very common type of technology to stay in touch, and try to keep the time apart to a minimum.

"FaceTime, we'll do that, mostly itls just try not to go very long," George explained, noting that despite their busy lives, the two attempt to keep their time apart to a minimum. "We spend an awful lot of time together, we try not to have these huge gaps."

Though the two both juggle full time jobs, George as an actor, and Amal as a human rights attorney, George cites making time for one another as a big part of maintaining a happy marriage.

"We're able to manage, so far between my work and her work and the things we're doing, we're able to manage it pretty well," the actor shared.

The couple expanded their brood at the end of last year, adopting a homeless basset hound named Millie in October 2015. The pup joined their other rescue pup, cocker spaniel, Louie.