Even if you're not familiar with model Georgia May Jagger, who's posed for everyone from Chanel and Versace to H&M and Rimmel London, you undoubtedly know her parents: Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger and model-actress Jerry Hall. Wonderwall.com caught up with British beauty as she prepared for the 10th annual Delete Blood Cancer DKMS Gala in New York City and got the scoop on nine things you need to know about her -- from her thoughts on how social media has affected the fashion industry to what it was like posing with her supermodel mama for the 100th issue of British Vogue, and how she's fighting the good fight against blood cancer and more. Keep reading for the highlights from our chat!

No. 1: She's very hands on when it comes to her work with DKMS -- like, really, really hands on

"For me as a Global Ambassador, it's not just to be a face," Georgia May told us. "I actually went into the hospital and learned about all the technical things." And it hasn't always been easy: "It was hard for me to keep up," she admits. "It's such amazing technology. I saw where they store all the samples and met the doctors and their teams the last time I was here. Like with anything I do, I like to learn about it fully."

No. 2: Thanks to Georgia May, people suffering from blood cancer could be matched with a famous bone marrow donor

"We're going to be doing a donor drive -- which some of my friends are going to be coming to -- in London," she says. "We did one in the modeling agency where we got all the models to give swabs."

No. 3: Posing with her model mama for Vogue's 100th issue was NBD

"It's amazing," says Georgia May of recreating her mom's iconic 1975 Vogue cover, which was shot by famed photographer Norman Parkinson. "I love all of my mother's photos, and I think those photos of Norman Parkinson are super iconic and [photographer Tim Walker, who shot the new photos] is one of the first people I worked with. It was just a really easy day -- just me and my mom. It only took a couple hours. It was as simple as it gets, basically." As for this swim cap she donned in the photo shoot: "They're very tight," she says. "I haven't worn one since I took swim class when I was about 8. It was a new feeling for me -- a new look!"

No. 4: She's a self-professed "shoe addict"

"I'm quite shoe obsessed," she says. "I have a big [shoe] closet -- not everything's very organized right now. I don't have the luxury of having a shoe room like Mariah Carey has, but I have a sort of shoe area. They tend to take up most of the space in the house. It's pretty much everywhere you look."

No. 5: So it's no surprise that her favorite fashion trend has to do with footwear

Though she says she tries to avoid following trends, there's at least one she's currently obsessed with: "I was really excited about platforms because I've always worn platforms," admits Georgia May. "Once a trend like that comes around, people start making more of them, so I'm like, 'Oh my God, now I can find more amazing platforms because people are actually making them!' I love high heels, but I want them to be comfortable. So I bought three pairs of platform boots, and I pretty much just wear those constantly now." (Georgia May also loves retro style and is "obsessed with everything Gucci," she told us.)

No. 6: She just released her second collection of footwear for Minelli

"It's not that sort of thing where they're like, 'This is what you're making,'" says Georgia May of her spring/summer collection, which features "a lot of pink" and jewel tones. "It really is my design. I came up with all the shoes, all the colors -- even stuff like the lining color of the shoes and the [metallic pink] sole of the shoe." The British beauty also incorporated hidden touches like skeleton keys into her designs -- "I love secret things like that … little elements that that are just for you," she says -- and worked extra hard on comfort. "I don't like to put something out that just looks nice if it doesn't feel nice," says Georgia May.

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No. 7: She's not into "weird" fashion

"I don't really like anything that's too weird and shapeless, which is like a very fashiony thing -- I'm not really into when people wear shirts as skirts," she says. Another thing Georgia May is so not into? "I don't usually go for the ball-gowny looks," says the model.

No. 8: She questions whether social media has hurt or helped the fashion industry

"It's very odd," she says of recent criticism that the fashion industry is too focused on booking models with large social media followings. "It's almost like people who are not so good at their jobs but who have a lot of social media following -- makeup artists, hairdressers, photographers, whatever it is -- get booked more. I'm not sure how that directly translates, whether your social media following makes you sell more clothes."

"I just started Instagram like everyone else did just as a way to post pictures," she adds. "I had a Twitter before and I never really understood that. I never really thought of it like, 'I'm gonna get big because I've got an Instagram.' It was really just that I'm into photography, so it was just to take pictures and stuff. But it's become such a huge part of the fashion industry."

"At the same time, it's a great tool to get things out there to people all over the world who may not have access to them in any other way," she continues. "So it's got some positives and some bad negatives as well."

No. 9: OK, Georgia May REALLY has some thoughts on social media

"There are big problems because young girls are looking at your Instagram page and there's such an idea of perfection -- there are all these people doing yoga and showing their bodies, and I think it can be a bit negative for young girls to see that because they think that's how people's lives are," she says. "But really it's just how people want you to think their life is. So it's not necessarily super-accurate." Fortunately, she thinks people's interest in social media is starting to wane: "Kids my brother's age don't have Instagram, and it's like really uncool," she says. "So I think everything is cyclical like that."

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