@laraspencerabc / Instagram 1 / 11
@laraspencerabc / Instagram 1 / 11

"Good Morning America" host Lara Spencer went on the defensive this week all in the name of one of the most controversial people in the country… The Donald!

And, in this instance, Donald Trump really didn't do anything wrong or say anything that could possibly be misconstrued as offensive, as he's often accused of doing.

The controversy came after Lara posted a photo of her and Trump from one of his visits to the morning show. Based on the angle, it appeared that the two were slightly cozying up to each other. To some people, it looked like she was sitting on his lap. Angles, though, can be deceiving, but that didn't stop many, many people from blasting her.

There were cries of "gross," "unprofessional," "cringeworthy" and "inappropriate." There were others who loved the image. "If that was Obama they would all be going 'aawww' or 'oh he's so cute.' Leftist idiots," one user wrote, while others applauded her for the "cute" photo.

The social media firestorm prompted the ABC network and Lara to chime in. The network said it was an optical illusion and that the presidential hopeful and former reality TV star was seated on a tall chair at a table while Lara was standing next to him. Her arm is around him in the image.

Lara, clearly feeling the wrath of people who are most certain to not cast a ballot for The Donald, took to Instagram to defend herself against the social media haters.

"Let's clear this up - I'm standing next to Donald Trump," she wrote. "Said a quick hello and welcomed him to the GMA studio for first time since he announced his candidacy."

Donald, of course, is no stranger being a lightning rod for controversy. Last week he implied that Muslim women like to wear burqas to avoid putting on makeup.

"They don't have to put on makeup," he said. "Look how beautiful everyone looks. Wouldn't it be easier?"

He then said that if he was a woman, he'd probably wear one.

Twitter, as expected, unloaded on Donald after these comments. One user tweeted, "Yes #DonaldTrump please wear a burqa that covers your mouth too."