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Bleep bleep bleeeeeep. The Internet was very vocal about many buzz-worthy moments at the 2016 Golden Globes, but a large topic of conversation was revolved around the heavily censored speeches.

Let's put it this way -- if there was a drinking game every time NBC bleeped out somebody during the show, you'd be wasted, and many Twitter users were not happy about that, saying the long silent pauses made it very difficult even watch the show.

As expected, host Ricky Gervais had many choice words that weren't allowed during the live broadcast, including an odd exchange with Mel Gibson regarding his 2006 DUI arrest when the "Braveheart" actor allegedly said: "What do you think you're looking at, sugart---?" As Mel got on stage to present an award, Ricky asked, "What the f--- does sugart--- even mean?"

Viewers barely heard what Jonah Hill had to say when he gave (a seemingly bizarre) speech while dressed up as the bear from "The Revenant."

"Someone is super censor-happy during this #GoldenGlobes ...couldnt make out half of what Jonah Hill said," Twitter user Leah Haslage (@ClevelandLeah) said.

During her funny speech with BFF Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Schumer was bleeped out for using the c-word. "Amy, you can't just give yourself a nickname," Jennifer said to her. "It has to come naturally. What do people usually call you?"

"Usually they just call me c---," Amy quipped back.

As the show went out and more speeches were bleeped out, many people took to Twitter to complain.

"I would be enjoying the #GoldenGlobes a lot more if I was better at reading lips. #censored" -- @omalley1212

"The funniest parts we didn't even get to see. #censored #GoldenGlobes" -- @valeriethebee

"I think we should consider moving the #GoldenGlobes to cable just so they wouldn't have to bleep out so many expletives" -- @laurenm

"The big winner tonight is the guy operating the bleep button. Ease up, lead foot! #GoldenGlobes" -- @willmkinley

"The @goldenglobes really need to be moved to cable so they don't have to bleep out half the show #goldenglobes #pottymouths" -- @4ce

"@nbc The #GoldenGlobes would be more fun to watch if your stupid censors didn't bleep out half of it. #weareadults" -- @frankw76

"Is there no way to bleep out the curse words without silencing an entire sentence?! #GoldenGlobes #censors" -- @DavidEFischer