David Slijper / SELF 1 / 10
David Slijper / SELF 1 / 10

The status of Gwyneth Paltrow's sex life isn't something we concern ourselves with often, to be perfectly honest, but the Oscar winner felt moved to speak out about the public perception of her sexuality nonetheless!

"We have this idea that you can't be a mother and a businesswoman and like to have sex," the 43-year-old actress told Self magazine in an interview for their May 2016 issue, which is available on newsstands starting April 19.

"How is an intelligent woman a sexual being?" she asked. "It's really hard to integrate those things. Like, 'Gwyneth has sex? Really?' It doesn't seem to go together. But I think it's important, as mothers and as women contributing to society in whatever way we each are, that our true sexuality doesn't get lost or put aside."

The mother of two, who's romanced "American Crime Story" and "American Horror Story" executive producer Brad Falchuk since summer 2014, also opened up about the pressure that comes with being a perfectionist in her business.

"I have yet to meet someone who isn't burdened with hyperresponsibility," she told Self. "Everyone is suffering from this sense of 'I have to do it all and I have to do it perfectly.' It's all my friends, all my colleagues: We try to do everything to such a high standard. And I'm like, 'Where did we get this from? Because I'm f------ exhausted!'"

Chris Martin's consciously uncoupled ex, who showed off her killer abs and toned stems in an accompanying spread in Self shot by photographer David Slijper, is undeniably hyperresponsible when it comes to her lifestyle and e-commerce blog Goop.

"I'm responsible for every photo, every piece of content, all the product that we're making," she says. "I do all the creative. But I'm also involved in the business side and the strategy. It's challenging!"

And yet the mom of daughter Apple, 11, and son Moses, 10, still makes time for her kiddos.

"If I make my kids something delicious and we sit down to eat it, and I put my phone away and I really listen, that is such money in the bank," says Gwyneth.

Between two pre-teens, a booming business and an active sex life, no wonder the "Iron Man" actress is F-ing exhausted!