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Who needs a dating site when there's YouTube?

YouTuber Hannah Hart recently spoke to Larry King about how she met her girlfriend and fellow YouTube star Ingrid Nilsen.

"Online," Hannah joked. "No, she's also a YouTuber."

And Larry also asked the 29-year-old digital star if marriage was in the cards.

"I hope that someday in my life to someone," she said.

Hannah kept things coy, but she is an open book on YouTube.

While she and Ingrid have the YouTube space in common, they do different types of videos. You might recognize Hannah from "My Drunk Kitchen." The comedic video series features Hannah attempting to cook or bake various dishes while drinking alcohol.

Ingrid posts videos that are more in the lifestyle and beauty realm. In 2014, she was the first YouTube star to represent CoverGirl.

Even though they're competing for clicks on YouTube, they have appeared together in video as well. In June 2015 on Hannah's channel, they made lemon cakes in a video titled "Gay of Thrones" as Ingrid is a huge "Game of Thrones" fan. That video has nearly three million views alone.

Between the two, they have a combined subscriber base of more than six million.

Now that's a YouTube power couple!