The most hardcore Directioners always knew this day would come.

Harry Styles has finally cut his Disney-prince worthy locks.

Whoops. #Littleprincesstrust

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The heartthrob and One Direction member took to Instagram on May 6 to break the news to his 17 million followers. In the photo, Harry holds a shorn braid, captioned "Whoops. #Littleprincesstrust". Though his legions of fans are currently mourning his luxurious, wavy locks, his hashtag provided a silver lining.

Despite having to say goodbye to Harry's hair, everyone can rest assured that the famous locks are going to a good cause. His hashtag references The Little Princess Trust charity, which provides wigs made of real hair for children that lose their own due to cancer treatments. So the British crooner is not only gorgeous and talented, he's charitable too! And probably still looks great without the mop of curls.

Back in November 2015, Harry gave fans a warning. While attending the Royal Variety Performance in the UK, the actual royal Prince Harry asked the boy bander about his last haircut. The singer's famously long mane was certainly a point of ribbing. When asked about it by reporters at the event, he claimed he was "not planning on it right now," but did foreshadow that when the time came he would be cutting it all off "for charity."

The haircut was likely timed around Harry making his acting debut. The singer landed a role in Christopher Nolan's World War II film, "Dunkirk," which is based around the 1940 military evacuation of the French city of the same name. Shooting is scheduled to begin in this month, and it's likely Harry need to ditch his 'do to get into character.

Though it was for a good cause and a good reason, the Internet is not taking Harry's drastic change lightly and it's quite the hairy situation. #RIPHarrysHair started trending on Twitter almost immediately.

The real question now is -- how does he look? The high-fashion hunk rocked the long rocker hairstyle like a pro, so we have no doubt he has some sort of edgy, shorter style now. We just need pictures. ASAP.

And until then, don't mind us, we'll just be holding a séance.