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'Housewives' star Jacqueline Laurita gets fourth boob job, and it was free!

She's not so real, after all. "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Jacqueline Laurita recently had a fourth boob job, but the augmentation didn't affect her wallet.

The New York Post reported that the boob job didn't cost her a single cent.

"Jacqueline reached out to Ideal Implant and they covered the cost of her implants and surgery," a rep for the breast implant maker told the newspaper's Page Six gossip section.

The reality TV star actually got a breast reduction, going from a D-cup to a C-cup, but the rep refused to say how much the procedure would have cost, although most plastic surgery organizations reveal the average cost is about $6,500.

"Every patient has different needs and every surgeon charges different fees," the rep said.

On Tuesday, Jacqueline shared a side by side image of her chest, with one side showing her current size and the other showing her look from last year.

The "Housewives" star spoke to People about her decision to remove her implants.

"Anytime I went to get a mammogram and I was so worried I was leaking, or the doctor would make me leak during the mammogram," she said. "I always had that fear in my head. I was always paranoid about popping silicone whenever I put any pressure on my chest."

It also came down to the fact that she was unhappy with her breast size.

"I started doing my research on implants and looking for something new when I found Ideal," she said. "They have the softness and naturalness of silicone, but don't ripple or slosh around. You don't have to do MRIs anymore, and if it ruptures, you know immediately because it will collapse."

Her husband, she said, is very happy with her current size, too.

"He says they feel great," she said.

LA love

Ryan Seacrest reportedly wants to move back to L.A. permanently

Ryan Seacrest thinks the west coast is the best coast for his lifestyle.


According to a new report, the media mogul, who was commuting several times a week between Los Angeles and New York City before the pandemic, is considering staying in L.A. permanently.

"He loves Los Angeles and misses the lifestyle," a source told Closer. "He has nothing against New York, but he feels that he was healthier in L.A."

Gregory Pace/Shutterstock

The report comes after Ryan's health scare during the "American Idol" finale last month. 

Fans first became concerned about Ryan's health when they felt he exhibited signs of a stroke toward the end of the show — viewers noticed that Ryan seemed to have a swollen eye and was slightly slurring his words. Immediately there was worry, and many viewers took to Twitter to openly wonder if something severe was happening. The following day, Ryan took an unexpected day off from co-hosting "Live" with Kelly Ripa, further concerning fans.  

"It was a last-minute thing and there was a sense of panic at ABC when we were told that Ryan couldn't make it that morning," the ABC source ­said.

Ryan later equated it to "exhaustion," and his rep said he was simply overworked and denied that Ryan suffered a stroke on the air. Not long after, a report said ABC executives were "extremely worried that he is overdoing it."

Andy Kropa/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

His health issues not withstanding, Closer's source said Ryan has gotten incredibly comfortable being home in L.A. in quarantine. For several months, he's been filming "Live" remotely, as has Kelly.  

The situation "has had him thinking," the source said. "Once the [shelter in place] ban is lifted, he doesn't know how he'll feel."

A potential permanent move to California would cause issues with "Live," which films in New York, and Kelly is "nervous," the source said, because she "loves working with" Ryan.

"Ryan knows the show needs the hosts in the same room," the source added, "but right now, he's dreading the thought of not living in California."


Jordana Brewster splits with husband of 13 years

Jordana Brewster and Andrew Form, her husband of 13 years, "quietly separated" earlier this year, according to a report. 

"They have the utmost respect for each other," the source told People magazine on Saturday. "They remain committed to lovingly co-parent their two children as a team."

Michael Buckner/Variety/REX/Shutterstock

The couple shares two sons, Julian, 6, and Rowan, 4.

The split, the source said, is "amicable."

Jordana and Andrew have not addressed the report. 

The "Fast and the Furious" actress, 40, and the film producer, 48, married in 2007, having met two years prior on the set of "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning."

"We started dating in secret – you know, hanging out in my trailer – because it would have been unprofessional otherwise," she told InStyle Weddings before tying the knot. "But every day, Andrew wore these work boots to the set, and if I was lying down in the shot or there was equipment in the way, I'd look for his shoes. It was comfortable just to know he was nearby."


Jordana acknowledged that her mentality about relationships changed after meeting Andrew.

"I was always the girl who said I'd never move in with someone before I got married, and then I just did it," she said. "I'm the biggest hypocrite ever! I had been dating him for only a little over a month, but I never went back to living in my apartment."

"Ugly" behavior

Actress says Lea Michele once called her 'ugly'

Another actress is accusing Lea Michele of bad behavior in the past. 

Earlier this week actress Monica Moskatow claimed Lea once called her "ugly" at a "Glee" party.

David Buchan/REX/Shutterstock

"September 2009 I was hired to work at the premiere party for Glee at a high school. They hired lookalikes of the shows characters to perform at the party. I was the Rachel Berry lookalike," Monica wrote, referring Lea's character on the Fox show.

"I didn't know my character was the lead let alone who played her," Monica continued writing on Lea's Instagram. "When the actors arrived at the event and found out there were lookalikes of them Lea came searching for me. When she saw me she said, 'oh my god! Could they have picked someone uglier!'"

Monica said she was devastated, something that Cory Monteith, Lea's then boyfriend, noticed. 

Cory, Monica recalled, "saw the look on my face and said, 'don't listen to her she's just jealous, you're beautiful.' I never forgot that."

On Saturday morning, Monica maintained that her story was true, but didn't advocate for "canceling" Lea.

"The description of events that happened with Lea and Cory are true. I'll always be thankful to him for the kind words he gave me. As incredibly talented as she is, I don't excuse her behavior towards myself and many others," Monica said. "I remind her that words have power and I encourage her to be more mindful of how she treats people. It does no one any good to dwell on the past when we can grow and do better."

"However I do believe by 'canceling' her would be depriving the world of a talented artist," she continued, also posting pictures from the 2009 "Glee" party. "We all make mistakes so when you hurt someone and are called out, you have to want to be better. We can't take back the actions of the past but we can build a better future."

Over the past week, several past castmates have claimed bashed Lea. On June 1, Samantha Marie Ware, who starred alongside Lea on "Glee," called out the Emmy-nominated star for making her time on the set "a living hell." Afterward, others in the spotlight, including actor-musician Dabier, piled on. "GIRL YOU WOULDNT LET ME SIT AT THE TABLE WITH THE OTHER CAST MEMBERS CAUSE 'I DIDNT BELONG THERE'" he tweeted. Heather Morris said Lea was "unpleasant" to work with on "Glee."  Her "Spring Awakening" co-star Gerard Canonico said she was "nothing but a nightmare" to work with, saying she made him feel like he "didn't belong there." "Real Housewives of New York City" alum Aviva Drescher wasn't surprised by the negative feelings, saying Lea was once "very unkind" to her. 

Amid the on-set behavior implications, Hello Fresh dropped Lea as a spokeswoman. 

On June 3, Lea posted an apology on Instagram, but that was widely ridiculed and largely dubbed a "non-apology."

"Whether it was my privileged position and perspective that caused me to be perceived as insensitive or inappropriate at times or whether it was just my immaturity and me just being unnecessarily difficult, I apologize for my behavior and for any pain which I have caused," Lea wrote. "We all can grow and change and I have definitely used these past several months to reflect on my own shortcomings."

Following the Instagram apology, many people used the comment section to write about negative experiences they'd also had in the past with Lea.

Getting political

Snoop Dogg plans to vote in November for first time ever

Snoop Dogg is about to use his voice in a way that he's never used it before… at the ballot box.

The legendary rapper said he's never voted before, but plans to change that in November.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Pepsi

"I ain't never voted a day in my life, but this year I think I'm going to get out and vote because I can't stand to see this punk in office one more year," Snoop said in a chat with Big Boy's Neighborhood on Real 92.3

"For many years it had me brainwashed thinking that you couldn't vote because you had a criminal record," Snoop continued, referencing his gun and drug convictions in the early '90s.

Now, Snoop said his record has been expunged so he "definitely" plans on voting.

"We got to make a difference. I can't talk about it and not be about it," he said. "I can't tell you to do it then you don't go do it. Everybody know I'm a front-liner. I ain't gonna tell you to do something I didn't do. If I tell you do something, I've done it already."

Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images

Snoop has been a vocal critic of Donald Trump, even pretending to shoot him in a 2017 music video for "BADBADNOTGOOD." 

"The whole world is clownin' around," the rapper told Billboard at the time. "I feel like it's a lot of people making cool records, having fun, partying, but nobody's dealing with the real issue with this f—king clown as president. And the s–t that we dealing with out here, so I wanted to take time out to push pause on a party record and make one of these records for the time being."


Kardashians fire back at Blac Chyna's racism allegations

The Kardashian family is ripping Blac Chyna over her new cries that "racism" was behind the cancelation of the reality TV show she once starred in with her ex, Rob Kardashian.

Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

Back in 2017, Chyna sued the entire Kardashian family, claiming they torpedoed "Rob & Chyna," which aired for only one season on E!. Initially, she said the family interfered with production, leading the network to put the kibosh on it. The cancelation of the show, which had lackluster ratings compared to other Kardashian spinoffs, greatly impacting Chyna's bottom line, she said at the time.

Now, with systemic change at the forefront of many conversations throughout the country, Chyna's team says racism is the real reason "Rob & Chyna" never got a second season on E!.


In a statement to Page Six, Chyna and her attorney argue that the three white "executive-level decision-makers at the E! Network and NBCUniversal … completely denied any due process to their black reality TV star regarding the fate of Season 2 of 'Rob & Chyna.'"

Chyna's team argues that had she not been a "'unicorn' black reality TV star" things would have been handled differently. 

Rob and his mother, Kris Jenner, essentially think Chyna's new claims of racism "are suspect, because it's the first time she's mentioned it in the two years since filing suit," TMZ said.

Matt Baron/REX/Shutterstock

Following the new claims, the Kardashian-Jenner attorney, Marty Singer, blasted Chyna, implying that she's attempting to capitalize on the unrest in the country, stemming from the death of George Floyd.

"This its a 2-year-old lawsuit in which Chyna has changed her defense more times than we can count," he told Page Six in a statement. "Sadly, unsurprising to anyone, she has stooped to a new low, changing her defense to try to leverage the emotions and pain of the moment, insulting the pain and suffering of real victims of racial injustice and systemic racism.

"We take these allegations very seriously and once again, there is no 'Rob & Chyna' show if there is no Rob & Chyna," the statement said.

On Friday, TMZ added that Rob and Chyna could not have filmed a second season with fresh content because they had split up in the summer of 2017, and also because Chyna had a restraining order against Rob, which kept him away from her.

Protest story

Anna Kendrick on attending 'peaceful' protest that took 'alarming' turn

Seemingly without warning, a protest that Anna Kendrick recently attended in Los Angeles took an "alarming" turn — thankfully she had just left before things got tense.

Jack Plunkett/Invision/AP/REX/Shutterstock

While speaking to James Corden, the "Trolls" star looked back favorably at her participation during a Black Lives Matter demonstration. 

"My experience was really positive," she said. "It was really moving and meaningful. And I found it to be totally peaceful. And I had been nervous about going because, you know, there has been violence, but it was so wonderful. And I actually left after a few hours because I am an old lady and can only be on my feet in the sun for so long, obviously."

As she returned home, the actress found out the tide had turned at that particular protest she was at.

"I looked at my phone after about 20 minutes after leaving and I saw that there were rubber bullets being fired. Then, that a cop car was on fire," she said. "And at first, I honestly thought that that's a mistake, like, that can't be true; I was just there. So, it is really a confusing time to have been there and been like—you know when a situation is escalating and things are about to go crazy and the situation feels fraught. And it just wasn't that. So, it was pretty alarming to see what happened so soon after leaving."

Steve Ferdman/Shutterstock

Since the death of George Floyd, who died while in police custody, the actress has posted multiple messages of support for Black Lives Matter. She has also donated to several organizations that aim to stop police brutality.

On Thursday, she shared a photo from a separate protest that she attended.

"This little boy's sign said: 'My mom said I matter,'" she wrote alongside the image. "Saw even more white folks out in support today which was cool to see, but guys, we should not lead the chant unless we understand the concept of the downbeat. Stay safe."

Huge donation

Kanye West sets up college fund for George Floyd's daughter

Kanye West is making sure that George Floyd's 6-year-old daughter, Gianna, will have an education.

The rapper has set up a college savings fund for Gianna to fully cover her tuition, Kanye's rep confirmed to TMZ on Thursday.


In addition, Kanye is also stepping up to the plate to assist the families of Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor, making separate donations to cover their legal costs. Both Ahmaud and Breonna were recently killed — he was shot and killed while jogging in Georgia, having allegedly been chased by three men (one of which was a former cop) who accused him of burglary; Breonna was killed in Kentucky in her own home by police after officers busted in without warning in a "no-knock warrant" case.

Kanye's rep said he's also opening up his wallet to help out several black-owned businesses that were victims of looting in his hometown of Chicago, which occurred during continuing demonstrations and protests against police brutality.

Thus far, Kanye has donated $2 million to multiple causes, TMZ reported, citing his rep. 

Gregory Pace/Shutterstock

Of course, Chicago is hardly the lone city dealing with unrest. George Floyd's death, which was caught on video, has sparked worldwide protests against police brutality and systemic racism.

George died in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on May 25 after a white police officer pinned him to the ground for several minutes by kneeling on his neck, even though George repeatedly made it clear he couldn't breathe. That officer and three others have now been charged in the death.

Report shot down

Meghan McCain denies she left NYC to get firearms

Meghan McCain and her team are firing back at speculation that she left New York City for Virginia to be closer to guns.

Theo Wargo/Getty Images

"The View" co-host recently tweeted that she was heartbroken over the vandalism and looting that has occurred in The Big Apple.

"My neighborhood in Manhattan is eviscerated and looks like a war zone," she tweeted, taking shot at New York City's leadership. "This is not America. Our leaders have abandoned us and continue to let great American cities burn to the ground and be destroyed. I never could have fathomed this."

A comedy writer mocked her, writing, "Meghan, we live in the same building, and I just walked outside. It's fine."

However, a source told Page Six said Meghan isn't even in New York City.

"She's in Virginia at a family home because she wanted to be in a place she could keep guns," the source said.

Rich Fury/Invision/AP/REX/Shutterstock

Meghan's rep said it's "absolutely untrue" that the conservative host left New York for better access to guns, but sidestepped addressing her location.

Meghan also responded, "I am six months pregnant – a gossip organization is about to run a story of where me and my family are currently." 

She added that she was watching different news outlets cover the demonstrations and looting happening in New York City.

"I support the peaceful protests, their movement but am absolutely heartbroken about the destruction in the city I have loved since I moved to when I was 18," she wrote. "It is important to have your voice heard and I hope everyone stays safe and healthy."

harsh words

Former 'Access' coworker calls out Billy Bush over 'white privilege'

Billy Bush was on the receiving end of a fiery and racially-tinged tweet from one of his former co-workers.

Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

On Wednesday, longtime "Access Hollywood" host Shaun Robinson responded to an interview Billy did with former NFL player Nate Burleson that centered on systemic racism, the country-wide protests and the death of George Floyd at the hands of police.

"Good Morning @thebillybush. I appreciate you being an ally NOW. But, if you want to talk about the pain #WhitePrivilege causes African Americans, you should probably also talk to the black woman who sat next to you on the set of  #AccessHollywood for years," Shaun tweeted. 

David Buchan/Variety/Shutterstock

Shaun did not elaborate or give further details, but she appeared to double down on her criticism of Billy on Thursday morning.

"No part-time allies needed," she wrote on Twitter next to a statement that read, "If you don't live it as a principle, don't hashtag it for publicity."

Billy and Shaun had lengthy careers at "Access Hollywood," as their tenure's overlapped from 2001 to 2015. In 2016, Billy left "Access" for a primo gig at NBC's "Today." However, he was fired by NBC within two months after audio of an "Access Hollywood" tape was leaked in which he laughed along to a pre-politics Donald Trump bragging about groping and kissing women, saying he would "grab 'em by the p—."

"It's such an ugly moment," Billy said earlier this year, recalling that infamous interview and the fallout. "Yeah you want to delete it, of course you want to delete it but you can't and it's out there for the world to consume."

"It's humiliating, it's embarrassing," he added. "There's no denying the moment is a terrible moment."

Billy now hosts "Extra."