She's not so real, after all. "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Jacqueline Laurita recently had a fourth boob job, but the augmentation didn't affect her wallet.

The New York Post reported that the boob job didn't cost her a single cent.

"Jacqueline reached out to Ideal Implant and they covered the cost of her implants and surgery," a rep for the breast implant maker told the newspaper's Page Six gossip section.

The reality TV star actually got a breast reduction, going from a D-cup to a C-cup, but the rep refused to say how much the procedure would have cost, although most plastic surgery organizations reveal the average cost is about $6,500.

"Every patient has different needs and every surgeon charges different fees," the rep said.

On Tuesday, Jacqueline shared a side by side image of her chest, with one side showing her current size and the other showing her look from last year.

The "Housewives" star spoke to People about her decision to remove her implants.

"Anytime I went to get a mammogram and I was so worried I was leaking, or the doctor would make me leak during the mammogram," she said. "I always had that fear in my head. I was always paranoid about popping silicone whenever I put any pressure on my chest."

It also came down to the fact that she was unhappy with her breast size.

"I started doing my research on implants and looking for something new when I found Ideal," she said. "They have the softness and naturalness of silicone, but don't ripple or slosh around. You don't have to do MRIs anymore, and if it ruptures, you know immediately because it will collapse."

Her husband, she said, is very happy with her current size, too.

"He says they feel great," she said.