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Gimme! Ian Ziering was so desperate for a job on "Beverly Hills, 90210" that he didn't give anyone else a real shot at getting a part as the iconic Steve Sanders. How? Well, he stole all the scripts so others couldn't get their hands on them.

He came clean about his thievery to Us Weekly, explaining how he basically sabotaged other prospective actors.

"This was before fax machines or anything like that. I had to go into New York City to pick up the script. I needed to prepare for my audition the following day," he said. "And when I got up to the casting office there was a pile of scripts, but no one there. Just a sign that said, 'Take a script and sign in.' And I wrote the name 'Ben Dover' and took all the scripts."

He did what?!?

"I needed a job!" he said, defending his actions from almost three decades earlier (feel old yet?). "It's a very competitive industry and I think they hired the right Steve Sanders."

Most would agree that producers cast Steve appropriately, but he made sure that we'll never know.

From 1990 to 2000, Ian played a rich kid from West Beverly High.

"I think that Steve had an incredible story arc," he said. "Spoiled rich kid to loving husband and successful businessman."

On the show, he and his gang of friends were tight, often hanging out at each other's houses, the beach or the Peach Pit restaurant (he has a jukebox from the Peach Pit). He's still friends with the cast to this day in real life.

"I brought my kids over to [Luke Perry's] house the other day and we went swimming," Ian said. "That was a lot of fun. His kids are a lot older. I think in the near future we will probably get together with Jason [Priestley]'s kids. … When you work with someone that long it's definitely like a family dynamic."

He later said he's be more than happy to do a reunion show.

"I see my buddies all the time! If it were to happen in front of the camera it would be a great time," he said. "I would love any opportunity to work with my former castmates again."