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Rest assured, you will not read a more insane story than this one this week … maybe even this month. Maybe even this year?

Several racist and incredibly distasteful Internet circles are praising Taylor Swift, yes, that Taylor Swift, saying she is an "Aryan goddess," according to a new report on VICE.

One high-level neo-Nazi even went so far as to say that the "Shake If Off" singer is "a secret Nazi."

Feel free to read that one more time to fully grasp the level of asinine duplicity.

Andrew Anglin, publisher of the neo-Nazi site The Daily Stormer, told the New York Daily News, "Taylor Swift is a symbol of global White supremacy and the superiority of the Aryan master race."

He unfortunately continued, "Her glorious physical form declares to all who gaze upon it that hundreds of thousands of years of human evolution have created in Aryan man the perfect lifeform."

Furthermore, Andrew seems to think that he and Taylor are on the same wavelength, believing that her 2014 single "Out of the Woods" was really about Eva Braun and Adolf Hitler's relationship.

Apparently in Andrew's mind, John Mayer and Harry Style are off the hook in Taylor's catalog. The perhaps-off-his-meds publisher even said that Donald Trump's preteen son, Barron Trump, will someday wed the country-turned-pop star (Calvin Harris, take note.)

"There are many Nazi plants close to both Trump and Swift, and both have confirmed that there is a plan in the works to have Trump's youngest son betrothed to Taylor," the publisher said. "Barron is only ten, and Swift 26, but there would still be time for them to produce an heir."

"Taylor is the epitome of genetic perfection, which is why she is an Alt-Right Nazi," he said. "She couldn't have chosen to be anything else."

Taylor, not surprisingly, has not commented on these claims, and it's likely that she won't (why give in to this level of lunacy?)

Certainly over the course of her career, Taylor has read some outlandish stories about herself, but this one takes the cake.