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More details are emerging about country singer Joey Feek's final days. The late singer's battle against cervical cancer was documented through her Instagram with husband and music partner Rory Feek, and by the blog run by Rory entitled This Life I Live.

Family friend and gospel singer Bill Gaither opened up to Us Weekly about Joey's last few days. "She had a special spirit about her," Bill told the outlet. "An optimism." Bill shared that on those final days when he would visit the family to sing gospel hymns that Joey still found the strength to "sing along."

Husband Rory attested to his wife's unwaivering optimism as well. "One of the last things Joey said is 'I have no regrets. I can honestly say that I have done everything I wanted to do and lived the life I always wanted to live,'" Rory wrote in a post entitled "one last kiss." He also chronicled her final words to the couple's 2-year-old daughter Indiana, which were "you be a big girl for your papa" and "mama will be watching over you."

In his post entitled "a dream come true," Rory wrote about his wife's final breath. "When a person has been through as much pain and struggle as Joey's been through, you just want it to be over. You want them to not have to hurt anymore," Rory explained, on seeing his wife struggle with the disease since her original diagnosis in May 2014. "And so, it makes the hard job of saying goodbye just a little easier."

Joey's last days were spent in her hometown of Alexandria, Indiana, in a hospital bed at a family friend's home. The musician chose to end her cancer treatments in October 2015 and return home, after a courageous fight and rounds of chemotherapy. Joey eventually felt into unconsciousness at the end of February 2015, after living through Valentine's Day and her daughter Indiana's second birthday on Feb. 17. She passed away on March 4 at the age of 40.

The singer was scheduled to be buried on her property on March 8, and was celebrated with a candlelight service in her hometown in Indiana on March 5. For his part, Rory Feek has returned to the family's home in Tennessee to focus on the future.