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Back up the Brinks truck. It was reported earlier this week that Teresa Giudice and her husband, Joe, still owe a boatload of money to the IRS after being convicted of fraud, a fact that they don't argue.

But, they have a plan.

Their lawyer, James Leonard Jr., tells Us Weekly that they will pay off their debt as soon as possible.

"We have worked out a re-payment schedule to ensure that every penny owed will be paid in full," he said in a statement. "This has been done for quite some time."

It won't be easy. According to TMZ, the "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star was hit with a tax lien for $23,365 in February, two months after she completed her 11-month prison stint. Joe was later informed in April that he still owes $238,269 in taxes. Joe reported to the Fort Dix Federal Correctional Institution in Fort Dix, New Jersey, on March 23.

Since Joe entered prison, Teresa has been holding down the fort with their four daughters. In mid-April the family visited Joe in prison.

"It's very lonely in the house without Joe there, but since Teresa has just finished filming, she's back in her element and able to take the girls to all their activities," a source told Us. "She's back in full-on mom mode."

She's also in full-on yoga mode. Since her release, Teresa has sought to become a yoga instructor. It's likely to take her longer to be licensed than most other aspiring teachers but that's because of filming for "RHONJ."

In late March, a trailer for the new season of the show aired, showing Teresa unafraid of her fellow castmastes, even hurling insults at them at times.

"She's an evil person, like Osama bin Laden," Teresa says of Kim "Kim D" DePaola in the trailer.

Other clips show Teresa calling someone "crazy" and saying, "I know how to play nice and I know how to play not nice." She's seen mocking returning cast member Jacqueline Laurita who calls her a "criminal."

Maybe all that yoga isn't exactly helping to calm her.