Was James Corden always destined for greatness? Thanks to an unearthed video from the BBC, we can all decide for ourselves.

In honor of "The Late Late Show" host's 38th birthday, the news outlet tweeted out a video from 1995 showing a fresh faced 18-year-old James interviewing Meat Loaf. It's precious and hilarious.

"Now one of the biggest names in America with The Late Late Show, but he landed his first TV presenter role when BBC1's Good Morning with Anne and Nick let young talent take over the show," the BBC's tweet said.

BBC called it "archive gold" and the news organization was correct.

James' voice hasn't changed much over the years and neither has his sense of humor.

At the beginning of the clip, James, who is listed as a "Young Good Morning Showbiz Reporter," tells viewers, "I'm here in London to interview Meat Loaf, and I think this is where he's staying." The teen then approaches a hotel doorman and asks, "Excuse me, is this where Meat Loaf's staying?"

As the singer and James chat over English breakfast, James asks if Meat Loaf prefers performing his songs or promoting his work.

"Are you kidding?" Meat Loaf asks and begins beating his head against a table in lamenting promoting. "The table's too short, and the chair's too tall, and I just messed up my makeup but that's exactly what I want to do."

Later, James informs Meat Loaf that he, too, is in a band and asks for advice.

"You do the best you can do and you never give up. Never quit," Meat Loaf said.

BBC nailed it. This is archive gold.