Jared Leto took issue with security at his band's concert on Thursday night, calling them out for allegedly being overly aggressive with one fan.

Katie Darby/Invision/AP/REX/Shutterstock

Thirty Seconds to Mars was playing in Sacramento, Calif., on Dec. 6 and was in the middle of a song when Jared stopped the music to highlight the incident.

"Security, settle down," Jared said as security apparently got too ambitious with a fan. "You guys are being too aggressive tonight… Do not abuse this guy, ok? Relax, settle down, do no escalate the situation."

Jared said there were seven security guards on top of one man.

"It's ridiculous in the middle of the show," the singer said, according to a Twitter video. "You know it's a funny thing that happens when you get too many security guards in one building, there's always problems. Just settle down and take care of each other."

Clearly frustrated, Jared described it as "drama."

However, after tensions apparently fizzled, Thirty Seconds to Mars went right back into the song.

The show must go on.