Jessa (Duggar) Seewald doesn't need a computer to tell her who she is.

"I don't Google my name," Jessa says. "There's no reason for that, or to look to other people for that validation. We know who we are and find joy and satisfaction in God."

Her husband Ben also has no use for a personal online web search. "As long as you have the love of God, it doesn't matter if everyone in the world hates you," he said. "Just having God's acceptance is what matters."

The happy parents opened up to People magazine about their new lives, one that involves their new little baby boy. However, this year they've also been faced with the realization that the online world can be a mean place.

The Internet exploded this year after it was revealed that Jessa's brother Josh Duggar not only molested her and several other girls as a teen, but that he also was addicted to porn and cheated on his wife, Amy.

"Sometimes, it is uncomfortable, the things you see, the things you read, especially when things are reported in an inaccurate way -- it's not always nice," Jessa said.

Now, though, Jessa is moving past those difficult family struggles and is focused on her son. Although he was born Nov. 5, he still doesn't have a name.

"We want to give him a strong name, with a lot of meaning," she said of the reason for not rushing into naming Baby Seewald. She added that she leans toward names of "heroes from the Christian faith."

"It's been really cool to meet him, look at his face and match a name to who he is," Jessa said. "It is going to be very special. A lot of thought has gone into it."

A lot went into her labor, as well. Jessa had planned on an all-natural home birth, but after 10 hours of contractions she was rushed to the emergency room. A 48-hour delivery ensued before she finally gave birth.

"Labor is hard," she said. "It was very intense, very long. Everything was different than I expected."

But, it was all worth it. "I can't believe he's really ours," she says. "It is so amazing. He's a miracle."