Jessica Alba truly made her Honest hair care line for herself.

The 35-year-old actress and mother of two recently released new hair products through the Honest Company that went on sale on August 22. While promoting the new items for Honest Beauty, the entrepreneur has been outspoken about the long process to come up with the perfect products and why it was so important to create this new line.

Jessica told Elle magazine that the products came about after she had a bad experience with conventional hair products.

"I'm sensitive and get pretty bad allergies—allergic reactions to lots of different things," she told the mag. "I had a pretty terrible reaction to some conventional hair care products, and I had to go to the emergency room."

She further said that she couldn't see properly for almost a week and was in severe pain.

Her bad experience "just made it that much more important to offer women a clean, healthier alternative to what's out there in the marketplace, but still give them the performance that they want out of their brands."

The hair care line is long awaited and can be purchased at Ulta, and

On Aug. 19, Jessica teased the products on Instagram and wrote, "Our pro line features breakthrough botanicals — think coconut juice, white tea and algae extracts — and advanced formulations that are made with clean ingredients that work."

Since there are natural ingredients, the products took some time to perfect. Jessica explained to Elle, "It took about 18 months to develop."

The Honest Company already sells nontoxic sunscreen, skincare and makeup and gained a cult following after being sold at Target and Costco.

Forbes has valued her company at $1.7 billion.

As an entrepreneur, Jessica is always willing to give advice about what's learned.

"I realized you really have to be detail oriented and specific and know what you're talking about if you want to [get a result]," she said. "That's how you create something different and special."

Now that's honest, Jessica!