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When a scandal hits, it's always nice to seek refuge in the comfort of your own, private island.

And that's exactly what Johnny Depp is doing, according to Us Weekly.

An insider tells the mag that after playing a number of dates with his band the Hollywood Vampires around Europe, Johnny hightailed it to the island he owns in the Bahamas while his lawyers work on their case to defend the actor from allegations he abused his wife, Amber Heard.

The estranged couple married in Johnny's personal tropical paradise, which he reportedly bought for $3.6 million in 2004, in February 2015 after meeting on the set of "The Rum Diary" six years earlier.

After she filed for divorce last month, Amber obtained a restraining order against her husband, citing multiple instances of abuse. She appeared in court with bruises on her face, which she said were the result of Johnny throwing an iPhone at her.

She has not formally filed a police report about that fight, however, because of what insiders have called a desire to protect Johnny from being "buried" by an arrest and trial.

Meanwhile, his lawyer, Laura Wasser is pinning Amber's allegations to her supposed greed, saying the actress invented the abuse storyline as a means of getting a large chunk of spousal support out of the divorce.

As friends and celebrities continue to take sides with Amber or Johnny, depending on their allegiances, evidence is trickling in that seems to support her claims. Namely, a series of text messages between Amber and Johnny's assistant show her speaking privately about being assaulted by him, while the assistant makes references to Johnny having kicked her, among other things.

People recently had a tech expert examine the texts. He verified that they were real and had not been altered.

The timing has been tough for Johnny - and Disney, which released his new film, "Alice Through the Looking Glass" shortly before the abuse scandal broke. Box office numbers have remained low since the movie opened.

The online hashtag "#ImwithAmber" calls for a boycott of the film.

Johnny has not yet addressed the alleged abuse.