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Wingin' it! Justin Bieber, no stranger to tattoos, has some new ink, and it's pretty hard not to show off.

While posting two photos to Instagram, the Biebs' new tattoo was on full display, as it's difficult to cover up -- he got it on the back of his neck.

"New tattoo :)" he captioned one pic of himself wearing a suit and showing off the large wings on both sides of his neck. In another shot, this one of Justin looking in the mirror, the "Sorry" singer shows off the ink in a little more detail.

By now, Justin has probably lost track of how many tattoos he has, as it seems that he's always coloring up his body. Even in the photos of his newest tattoo, two more tats can be seen on his neck. Other tattoos include one of Jesus Christ, a giant cross, and one that reads "Purpose" (aka his fourth studio album's name) emblazoned on his midsection.

Justin's newest tattoo could also be seen as he opened James Corden's monologue on "The Late Late Show."

Next up, maybe Justin will "fly away" with the three Grammy's he's nominated for.

Justin wasn't the only star with new tats, either. Earlier this week Ben Affleck was spotted with an enormous back tattoo of a phoenix (yes, it's real.) Also, Angelina Jolie inked up her forearm recently, too. Angies tat, most believe, has spiritual meaning as it looks to be done in the Southeast Asian sak yant style of tattooing, which often used lines of script, geometric patterns and animal shapes.