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@justinbieber / Instagram 1 / 9

Justin Bieber's fists were flying in Cleveland on Wednesday night.

The Biebs got involved in an all-out brawl at his hotel and he seemed to hold his own amid the violent flurry of fists.

Video of the fight, obtained by TMZ via Snapchat, shows a large man and Justin face-to-face in a heated conversation. At one point, the man appears to lightly smack Justin on the head and the "Sorry" singer loses his cool, unleashing a right handed fist at the man's face.

The man is much, much larger than Justin.

The two scuffled and Justin is wrestled to the ground. Several people tried to jump in to either help the singer or attempt the break it up. The fight, which occurred around 11 pm, didn't seem to last long, but it was violent during its short shelf life.

What began the fight isn't known. Justin was in Cleveland for game 3 of the NBA Finals and was wearing a Cavaliers shirt at the time of the fight. TMZ speculates that perhaps the scrap began over post-game trash talk after the Cavaliers manhandled the Golden State Warriors in Wednesday's game.

There is also speculation that Justin was annoyed with photography requests and his annoyance boiled over. Justin, of course, has recently claimed that he no longer wants to take photos with fans, saying he feels like a "zoo animal."

Whatever fallout may come from the fight (if any at all,) rest assure, there will probably be an emoji coming out of Justin fighting.

Last week, the singer launched a line of emojis and nothing was off limits. He seemed to poke fun at his no-photos stance and his many other blunders (peeing in the mop bucket, sleeping outside and egging his neighbor's house.)

As word and video of the fight filtered out, Justin took to social media to reassure his fans that he was fine... And, he did it in the most Justin Bieber way possible.

In a shirtless selfie centered on his face, he captioned the snap, "Not a scratch on this pretty boy."