A crowd is already starting to gather at the NYC location of Kanye West's "Pablo" pop-up shop.

The rapper/fashion designer/Twitter enthusiast posted the news yesterday, Thursday, March 17, that he would sell "Pablo"-related merchandise at 83 Wooster St. March 18-20. According to one Instagram user, people started lining up as early as 10AM this morning, even though doors don't open until 4 PM.

He didn't reveal exactly what he'll be selling, but we imagine it will be along the lines of what we saw at his Madison Square Garden Yeezy Season 3 fashion show live stream event, where "I Feel Like Pablo" hoodies sold for $90 and long-sleeve tees and caps went for $40.


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Pop-up shops are nothing new to Kanye, who opened a Yeezy shop in NYC back in Nov. 2013. He also set one up on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, right next to his wife Kim Kardashian's DASH store.

This may be part of Kanye's big plan to distract his fans until he can complete the album he's been teasing for months.

My Valentine

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The version of "Life of Pablo" you've been streaming on Tidal is not the final mix. Over a week ago, he said he was about to "finish final mixes" final mixes of the album. However, there is still no word on an official release date.

Some Kanye fans are up in arms over the album's delay. One writer referred to "TLOP," as "without exaggeration, the most confusing and ineffective album release I've ever come across, and given how much money could have been made from a well-coordinated release, the potential revenue lost is staggering….I think everyone would prefer the best album possible, and all Kanye would have to do is say, 'I appreciate your patience, I'm working on giving you your money's worth, and it will be done by [x date].' But instead he's done the opposite."

This may be your one and only chance to feel like Pablo. So hurry if you don't want to miss out.