Katy Perry visited her parents' home over the weekend and took a walk down memory lane.

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The pop star documented her visit on her Instagram Stories, sharing some amazing footage of her father's jam-packed man cave as well as old photos from her childhood and early career, plus a pretty enlightening school suspension report chronicling her bad behavior in sixth grade.

Revealing pastor dad Keith Perry's special room chock-full of an eclectic collection of tchotchkes, she asks him, "Dad, do you have an explanation for your man cave?" He responds, "It's just something I've liked to do over the last 20 years." She then asks the preacher, "Are you a hoarder, Dad?" "No!" he insists.

Keith then shows off (as seen on a fan Instagram account) some of his many treasures, which include an autographed light-up model of the DeLorean car from "Back to the Future," hundreds of dolls and pop culture figurines, a collection of bags, an old camera, signs, pins, pillows, a hat collection, backstage passes and plenty more.

"What is all this crap? I throw everything out. Dad, what is all this crap? Does anyone else's parents have man caves like this? Where do you get all this stuff?" Katy marvels. "Everywhere," Keith says, adding that much of it is vintage. "From the rare places."

"Dad, it's all going in the trash soon," she threatens. His response? "When I die."

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Katy also shared some old snapshots of herself during "my favorite Christmas -- when I got my leopard coat and my Chinese Laundry shoes," she explains. Some old headshots from early in her career -- when she was known by her real name, Katy Hudson, including one when she wanted her hair cut like Meg Ryan -- also popped up, making Katy laugh. She also posted a pic of big sister Angela Hudson singing into a microphone while making a music demo wearing a shirt splattered with puffy paint. Jealous Katy admits that she "basically stole the demo tapes and started rehearsing myself. Who's the star now, Angela?" she whispers to the camera.

The pop star proudly revealed a suspension report too -- and had her pastor mom, Mary Perry Hudson, read it aloud on her Instagram Stories -- from an incident that occurred when Katy was attending Santa Barbara Christian School in November 1996. Katy captioned it, "When I was suspended in 6th grade for humping a tree and I guess other stuff."

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"At the 2:00 p.m. recess, Katy and four other students were in an 'off-limits' area (behind the backboards) practicing a skit," it begins. "Katy pretended that a tree was Tom Cruise and began making sexual motions ('pelvic thrusts') to the tree."

It continues on, chronicling Katy's other bad behavior (which includes using inappropriate language like the phrase "pissed off," calling 3rd graders "brats" and "using the Lord's name in vain (saying 'oh my God')." It further states that young Katy admitted playing "Spin the bottle" and "Truth or Dare" and kissed another student on the cheek. She was also caught by two teachers doing the "Macarena" dance "in which she made body motions with sexual overtones (described by one teacher as being 'like an exotic dancer')."

The suspension report also listed eight parent-teacher conferences that were held because of Katy's antics!